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List of Blades of Chaos Skills

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This is a list of all skills available for the Blades of Chaos in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn about the effects of each skill, how to unlock them, additional bonuses, and more!

How to Unlock Blades of Chaos Skills

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The Blades of Chaos can be obtained during the 9th story chapter, The Sickness. After obtaining the weapon, the first set of Blades of Chaos skills will be available for unlocking.

Blades of Chaos Guide

List of Blades of Chaos Skills

Melee Combat

Skill Weapon Lv. Effect
Rushing ChaosRushing Chaos 1 While sprinting, press R1 to execute a powerful doube-slash attack that staggers enemies.
Rising FuryRising Fury 1 Hold R2 to perform a powerful attack that launches enemies into the air.
Plume of ChaosPlume of Chaos 2 Press R2 during the second-to-last light combo attack to add a Heavy Combo Finisher.
Whirling ChaosWhirling Chaos 2 Hold R1 to perform a powerful attack that strikes all enemies around Kratos.
Chaos SlamChaos Slam 3 While sprinting, press R2 to leap into the air and perform a powerful chain-slam attack.
Spinning Chaos StrikeSpinning Chaos Strike 3 While evading, hold L forward and press R1 to perform a leaping spin attack.
Retreating SlashRetreating Slash 3 While evading, hold L back and press R1 to attack all enemies in a large radius.
Chaotic RampageChaotic Rampage 4 Switch stances by pausing momentarily after any Blades of Chaos attack. Once in a new stance, press R1 to perform a flurry of close-range attacks.
Chaotic FrenzyChaotic Frenzy 5 Increases the number of strikes in the Chaotic Rampage attack.
Chaotic FlurryChaotic Flurry 5 Switch stances by pausing momentarily after any Blades of Chaos attack. Once in a new stance, press R1 to perform an explosive triple-stab dash attack.
Chaotic ConcussionChaotic Concussion 5 Press R2 after the Chaotic Flurry attack to perform a powerful follow-up stab that plants a detonating bomb on any enemies hit, inflicting additional BURN damage.

Elemental Combat

Skill Weapon Lv. Effect
Spear of ChaosSpear of Chaos 1 While aiming, press R1 to impale an enemy and yank them towards Kratos.
ImmolationImmolation 1 Perform attacks in quick succession without sustaining damage to power up the Blades of Chaos and inflict BURN damage on every hit. Bonus to LUCK and RUNIC.
Elemental SlashElemental Slash 1 Aim and Press R2 to perform a powerful sweeping attack that inflicts heavy BURN damage.
Elemental SurgeElemental Surge 3 After impaling an enemy with the Spear of Chaos attack, hold R1 to send an Elemental wave of energy down the chain, blasting and launching the enemy into the air.
Furious ImmolationFurious Immolation 2 Increases the amount of Immolation gained on every successful Blades hit.
Elemental ChargeElemental Charge 3 Aim and hold R2 to charge up BURN damage that is inflicted on impact.
Elemental ExplosionElemental Explosion 3 Increases the size and damage caused by the Elemental Surge explosion, launching all enemies in range and inflicting additional BURN damage.
Engulfing SpearEngulfing Spear 4 The Spear of Chaos attack creates a minor fire explosion on contact, inflicting BURN damage.
Elemental OverchargeElemental Overcharge 4 While aiming, hold R2 to charge the Blades of Chaos even further and release a powerful Elemental Slash inflicting massive BURN damage in a wide area.
Essence of AthenaEssence of Athena 5 Permanently increases LUCK by 10.
Essence of AresEssence of Ares 5 Permanently increases STRENGTH by 10.
Essence of ZeusEssence of Zeus 5 Permanently increases RUNIC by 10.

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