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How to Beat Daudi Kaupmandr | Boss Fight Guide

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This is a guide on how to beat Daudi Kaupmandr in God of War PS4 (GoW 4). This page will explain its attack patterns, behavior, and tips and strategies on how to deal the most damage you can against it and take minimal damage at the same time.

Daudi Kaupmandr Boss Information

Bestiary Entry

Daudi Kaupmadr
Daudi Kaupmadr Bestiary Entry
Category Trolls
Entry Text
I think the troll we just fought was Daudi Kaupmandr. Mother used to always tell me stories about him to try and scare me if I wandered off too far. I think she'd be proud of me, but Father thinks because I got a little angry that I'm "not ready." Whatever. I just hlped him kill a troll; I know I'm ready! Mother told me a lot of stories about trolls. This one's name translates to Death Merchant. With a name like that, I think it's safe to assums he was pretty evil. I'm glad we killed him.

Basic Information

GoW Daudi Kaupmandr.png

Name Daudi Kaupmandr
Recommended Level 1-2
Weapons Stone Pillar

Daudi Kaupmandr Location

During the quest, The Marked Trees, you'll be in a scenario where you have to hunt a deer with Atreus. During your hunt, you'll be accosted by Daudi, who will try to steal your deer.

World View Guide
Play through The Marked Trees until the section where you have to shoot the deer. Follow Atreus to the fallen animal to trigger the fight.

Best Build

Daudi will be the first boss that you'll encounter in God of War. As such, high powered gear isn't important – this is rather an opportunity to observe how other Trolls like Daudi will behave in future boss battles.


Armor Set Exile Set

Leviathan Axe

Axe Level Level 1

Daudi Kaupmandr Boss Fight Guide

Opening Attack

GoW Daudi Top.png

Although Daudi will not be difficult to defeat, at the level you'll be when you begin the game, you'll be on the weaker side of things. Try to keep your distance when you begin the fight, and memorize his attack patterns so you know when to come in for a strike.

Daudi Kaupmandr Attack Patterns

Attack 1

GoW Daudi Pillar Swing.png

The most common of his attacks, Daudi will do a sideways thrust of his Stone Pillar to hit you, followed immediately by slamming the same pillar down on you. Dodge these and strike critical hits against the Troll as he is in the middle of the two attacks. If you can manage, roll behind him to strike.

Attack 2

GoW Daudi Stomp.png

His only defense against your attacks will be an area of effect stomp of his feet on the ground when you strike. Roll out of the way or block this.

Attack 3

GoW Daudi Wild Swings.png

The last of his attacks that you'll have to worry about, Daudi will swing its Stone Pillar multiple times around without abandon. Simply stay of the way of this one and try throwing your axe against him while he is in a rage.

Tips and Strategy

Overall, since Daudi will be your first boss encounter ever in God of War, he is not difficult to defeat. Simply try and keep moving, particularly when he comes in for a strike. Evade, strike back, and evade again. When he goes in for wild swings with his pillar, keep at a distance and throw your axe to cause some damage.

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Rota ★★★★☆
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