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How to Solve the Seasons Puzzle in the Magic Chisel Quest

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The Seasons Puzzle is a short puzzle that occurs during the Magic Chisel Quest in God of War (2018). Read on to learn how to solve the puzzle to get the platform moving, allowing players to progress with the quest!

How to Solve the Seasons Puzzle

Four Targets

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Inside of the puzzle room, there are four primary runes that players will need to focus on when solving the puzzle. These interactible runes all have circular discs that players can hit with their Leviathan Axe in order to change their "faces".

Each of these faces represent a "season" – putting each rune into the sequence of how they normally go in real life will not work. Instead, change each rune to fit the reverse order of how the seasons go to solve the puzzle.

The Magic Chisel Quest Walkthrough

Change Faces

1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Leaf Sun Flower Ice

Going from left to right, hit the circular disc beneath each of the runes to change their faces. The proper runes to change them to are: Leaf, Sun, Flower, and Ice. If each rune is changed to the proper "face", the platform will move, which progresses the quest Magic Chisel.

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