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The Marked Trees Quest Walkthrough

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This is a walkthrough for The Marked Trees in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, quest rewards, tips for completion, as well as boss fight strategies!

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The Marked Trees Path to the Mountain

The Marked Trees Basic Information

How to Unlock The Marked Trees

The Marked Trees is the very first quest that you'll be given when you begin God of War. The tasks involved with this quest are relatively straightfoward and easy to get through, while also providing you with a tutorial to the game's base mechanics.

The Marked Trees Quest Rewards

200 XP - -

The Marked Trees Quest Walkthrough

Follow the River Downstream

GoW The Marked Trees - Follow the River.png

Chop down the tree.
Press R1 to use the Leviathan Axe to bring it down.
Follow Atreus back to your boat, with the tree you just chopped down in tow.
Take the boat and follow the river path back to your home.

Hunt with Atreus

GoW The Marked Trees - Hunt with Atreus.png

Return home.
Follow Atreus into the forest to hunt deer afterwards.
You'll come across a blocked bridge.
Use your Leviathan Axe to smash through the obstacle by aiming with L2.png and throwing with R2.png
Continue following Atreus until you come upon a clearing.
Draugr will attack you. Defeat them.

OPTIONAL: You can find an Idunn Apple by taking the path ahead at the intersection after defeating the Draugr. The runes to destroy to unlock the chest are in the same room.
Follow Atreus once done, where you'll encounter more Draugr.

Interact with the chain to pull up the gate. Lock the gate in place by throwing the Leviathan Axe to the wheel above.
Aid Atreus in shooting an arrow at the deer.

Once you've successfully brought it down, prepare for your first boss battle!
Defeat Daudi Kaupmadr.

Return to the House

GoW The Marked Trees - Return Home.png

Follow Atreus back to your home. You'll encounter groups of Draugr along the way.
Prepare for your second boss battle!
Defeat The Stranger.
Return Home.

Boss Strategy: Daudi Kaupmadr

GoW The Marked Trees - Daudi Kaupmadr.png

Like most Trolls you'll encounter throughout your travels, he has three basic attacks he'll try to hit you with – a wide swing attack with his log, a stomp, and an attack where he vertically slams his weapon down on you. Mastering rolling and dodging makes the fight easier, as well as using ranged attacks with the Leviathan Axe and Atreus' Bow.

How to Beat Daudi Kaupmandr | Boss Fight Guide

Boss Strategy: The Stranger

GoW The Marked Trees - The Stranger.png

You will have no support from Atreus in this boss battle. The Stranger likes to make use of his speed to distract you while coming in close for a hit – and also to avoid long ranged throws of your Leviathan Axe. You must know how to either dodge or shield yourself against his attacks, which commonly comes after 'flashing' to one location to another in a bid to get closer to you.

How to Beat the Stranger | Boss Fight Guide

Nornir Chest Locations

Hunt with Atreus

Map Location
Seal Locations
GoW - Idunn Apple IconIdunn Apple

After defeating the Draugrs, head straight to the temple to find a wooden barricade. Destroy it to find the Nornir Chest inside.

You can find the C rune beside the chest and the N rune is located on the left inside a tomb. Turn around and find the R rune on the corner of the room.

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