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How to Level Up | Leveling Guide

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This is a guide to Leveling Up in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Read on to find out about tips that can help you with leveling up in the game!

How to Level Up

Collect New Items

Levels in God of War are directly tied to the stats you have. These stats can be boosted by putting on equipment you can craft, or upgrading them to raise their effectiveness.

Not all equipment can be just crafted however – rarer pieces of equipment can be found in the game world by exploring nooks and crannies in areas, or by opening Nornir Chests.

Nornir Chest Locations

Load Up on Hacksilver


If you've found a good piece of equipment that raises your stats exponentially, you may wish to keep it around for as long as its useful to you. These equipment can be further upgraded to boost its stat bonuses even further, which requires Hacksilver. These can be found and collected by defeating enemies or breaking into chests you find.

How to Farm Hacksilver

Collect Resources


Resources serve as other items you'll need to upgrade your equipment, as well as craft new ones. Rarer equipment in game require equally rare resources for you to craft and upgrade them – and gaining these pieces of equipment is essential to raising your Level significantly.

List of All Resources

Locate Yggdrasil Dews

What is an Yggdrasil Dew

Yggdrasil Dews are stat boosting collectibles that can be found in the game world. They raise specific statlines for Kratos, and can even be collected once again when starting a New Game+.

All Yggdrasil Dew Locations

Levels and XP

Levels Are Tied to Stats

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Although you gain XP as you explore, gain knowledge, and combat enemies, XP does not actually contribute to raising your actual Level.

Levels in God of War are dictated by your stats. The higher they are, the higher your Level will be. Boosting stats through equipment such as Armor, Enchantments, and Talismans are the primary methods that can be focused on to raise Levels.

Stats Explanation

XP Is Used for Skills or Runic Attacks

muspelheim farming.jpg

Although you cannot rely on XP to raise your Levels, they can instead be used to purchase Skills or upgrade Runic Attacks. These are necessary things that can make the process of looking for equipment or resources to raise your Levels with easier.

How to Farm XP

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