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God vs. Queen Favor Walkthrough

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GoW - God vs. Queen Favor Walkthrough
This is a walkthrough for God vs. Queen in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn more about the objectives of this side quest, quest rewards, as well as tips for completion!

God vs. Queen Basic Information

How to Unlock God vs. Queen

Interact with the Realm Tear that appears after completing The High Council to start the favor.

God vs. Queen Quest Rewards

3290 XP Epic Pommel
Epic Enchantment
12 Asgardian Steel
6 Perfect Asgardian Steel

God vs. Queen Quest Walkthrough

Defeat Valkyrie Queen Sigurn

GoW - Valkyrie Queen Sigrun

Head to the Council of the Valkyries northeast of the Lake of Nine.

Interact with the Realm Tear in the middle of the arena to start the favor.
The Realm Tear only appears after completing The High Council favor.
2 GoW - Freed Queen Sigrun
Defeat Valkyrie Queen Sigrun to free her and to complete the favor.

How to Beat Valkyrie Queen Sigrun

Tips and Strategies

Upgrade Your Armor

GoW -  Cuirass of the Valkyrie

Much like the other Valkyries, defeating Valkyrie Queen Sigrun requires the best endgame armor, pommels, and runic attacks.

Equip a Resurrection Stone

GoW - Buying a Superior Resurrection Stone
Buy the Superior Resurrection Stone from Brok or Sindri's shop when facing Valkyrie Queen Sigurn. The consumable item revives you with a large amount of health, giving you a second chance to defeat the powerful boss.

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