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Escape from Helheim Quest Walkthrough

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This is a walkthrough for Escape from Helheim in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, quest rewards, tips for completion, as well as boss fight strategies!

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Return to the Summit Escape from Helheim A Path to Jotunheim

Escape from Helheim Basic Information

How to Unlock Escape from Helheim

After reaching the summit of the mountain you met Mimir in during Return to the Mountain, you'll be accosted by Baldur, causing you to be trapped in Helheim.

Escape from Helheim Quest Rewards

6750 XP - -

Escape from Helheim Quest Walkthrough

Find a Way Out of Helheim

GoW Escape from Helheim - Find a Way Out of Helheim.png

Climb up the tower you fell in.
Cross the bridge and open the gate on the other side.
Climb down the tower.
Use the Winds of Hel on the left side of the gate first. Use the Leviathan Axe on the gear to lock it in place, and move the Winds of Hel to the other side of the gate.
Open the gate on the other side and cross the bridge.
Reach the second tower and climb it.
Reach the bridge on the other side and board the ship.

Use the Ship

GoW Escape from Helheim - Use the Ship.png

Clear the ship of roots.
Use the wheel at the rear of the ship.
Head towards the bow of the ship.
Destroy the pillar that the sails are tied down to.
Head back to the rear of the ship and use the wheel.
Cross the stone bridge you get stuck on and use the wheel on the other side.
Climb up the tower.
Use your Leviathan Axe to turn the gear and lock it in place.
Board the ship.

Escape Helheim

GoW Escape from Helheim - Escape Helheim.png

Fight the enemies that board the ship.
You must ensure that the fires do not burn out. Use the Blades of Chaos to light them.
Remove the hooks from the ship.
You must repeat this process until you reach the temple and the Realm Travel Room.
Use the chisel to escape Odin's room.
Take the elevator.
Head down the hall and turn left.

Nornir Chest Location

Find a Way Out of Helheim

Map Location
Seal Locations
GoW - Idunn Apple IconIdunn Apple

Unlike other Nornir Chests, this one isn't marked on the map and is permanently missable once you board the ship.

GoW - Escape from Helheim Chest 1 Block Leading to Chest
Head opposite of the ship and push the block into the hole. Jump across the ledge and find the Nornir Chest on the other side.

Destroy the Hel Bramble and head left to the corner. Destroy the vase for some Hacksilver and turn around to find the C rune on a pillar.

GoW - Escape from Helheim Chest 1 N Rune Solution
Pull the block halfway and head to the corner to destroy the N rune from the back.

Pull the block all the way and climb up. Loot the chest containing some Hacksilver Look right to find the R rune on a ruined pillar.

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