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Niflheim Region Summary | Darkness and Fog Trophy Guide

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God of War - Niflheim Region Summar.png
Track your completion rate and all collectibles in Niflheim with the Niflheim Region Summary for God of War (2018). Find out what items are still undiscovered and their location in the Niflheim region!

Niflheim Region Summary

Niflheim is one of smaller realms in God of War. Shaped like a Diamond, the main draw of the realm is its randomly generated elements whenever players enter and exit Ivaldi's Workshop, alongside of the powerful gear that players can unlock in the realm.

Niflheim Summary
Favors 3
Shops 1
Valkyries 1
Realm Tear Encounters 3

Realm and Region Summaries and List of Collectibles

Niflheim Favor Locations

Ivaldi's Workshop

GoW - Ivaldi

Ivaldi's Workshop is the first of three Favors that players can accomplish as soon as they step foot in Niflheim. Players can trigger this Favor by talking to Sindri from his place at his shop near the entrance to the Workshop.

After Talking to Sindri, gather 500 Mist Echoes by collecting them from chests or fallen enemies in the Workshop.
Head back to Sindri and craft the Niflheim Entry Stone.
Return to the starting area of Ivaldi's Workshop and interact with the pedestal at the center, ending the Favor.

Ivaldi's Workshop Favor Walkthrough

Ivaldi's Protection

GoW - Ivaldi

This Favor is immediately begun once the player has finished Ivaldi's Workshop. Players will be tasked with finding Ivaldi's Rusted Armor, found in the central chamber they open up during Ivaldi's Workshop.

After opening the central chamber, head on inside. Players will need to loot of the unlocked chests to find Ivaldi's Rusted Armor. Return to Sindri to end the Favor.

Ivaldi's Protection Favor Walkthrough

Ivaldi's Curse

GoW - Ivaldi
The last of the three Favors will begin once players have returned to Sindri during Ivaldi's Protection. This Favor will task players with sealing the three Realm Tears found in the central chamber, which also rewards players with excellent loot for every realm tear closed.

After talking to Sindri, players will be tasked with farming 45,000 Mist Echoes and 3 Anchors of Fog. These can be found all over the Workshop, hidden inside of any chest they find.
Once the Mist Echoes and Anchors of Fog have been gathered, return to the central chamber and begin opening – and closing – the Realm Tears in the area. Once all three Realm Tears have been closed, return to Sindri to end the Favor.

Ivaldi's Curse Favor Walkthrough

Niflheim Shop Locations

Shop #1

God of War - Niflheim Shop 1.png
The only shop that can be found in the realm belongs to Sindri. You can find the shop just above the path leading down into Ivaldi's Workshop.

Niflheim Valkyrie Locations

Valkyrie Hildr

GoW Hildr.png
The lone Valkyrie in the realm, Hildr can be a particularly difficult boss to fight against due to the presence of the poisonous mist that surrounds all of Niflheim. Her actual location itself within Ivaldi's Workshop can be difficult to pinpoint without having run through the area multiple times.

From the starting area, head left and past the traps to enter the Third Chamber. Make your way to the Final Chamber but do not enter it – instead, look left where you'll see the Valkyrie in the distance.

How to Beat Valkyrie Hildr | Boss Fight Guide

Niflheim Realm Tear Encounter Locations

Realm Tears #1 to #3

God of War - Niflheim Realm Tear Encounters.png
All Realm Tear Encounters that can be found in Niflheim are all grouped into one location, called the Realm Tear Area or the Central Workshop. All three Realm Tears require Mist Echoes and Anchors of Fog to open.

Complete the Ivaldi's Workshop Favor first – this will give you access to the Realm Tear Area, where you can find the three Realm Tears to open.

Opening the Realm Tears

Realm Tear Required Resources
Realm Tear #1 10,000 Mist Echoes
1 Anchor of Fog
Realm Tear #2 15,000 Mist Echoes
1 Anchor of Fog
Realm Tear #3 20,000 Mist Echoes
1 Anchor of Fog

Opening each of the Realm Tears requires the player to farm Mist Echoes and any Anchors of Fog that they can get their hands on. Successfully opened – and then closed – Realm Tears will yield rewards to the player. These rewards will vary between the Mistbourne Axe Pommel, Gift of Apollo Heavy Runic Attack, and the Talisman of Cursed Power.

How to Get the Darkness and Fog Achievement

Unlock Everything in the Realm Tear Area

In order to get the Darkness and Fog Trophy/Achievement, players will need to run through the Workshop Multiple times in order to farm all the necessary resources needed to open both Legendary Chests and Realm Tears found inside of the central chamber.

All in all, players will need to farm for 68,500 Mist Echoes and 3 Anchors of Fog in order to unlock everything in the chamber.

Unlockable Resources Needed
Legendary Chest #1 1,000 Mist Echoes
Legendary Chest #2 2,500 Mist Echoes
Legendary Chest #3 5,000 Mist Echoes
Legendary Chest #4 7,500 Mist Echoes
Legendary Chest #5 7,500 Mist Echoes
Realm Tear #1 10,000 Mist Echoes
1 Anchor of Fog
Realm Tear #2 15,000 Mist Echoes
1 Anchor of Fog
Realm Tear #3 20,000 Mist Echoes
1 Anchor of Fog
Total Resources Needed 68,500 Mist Echoes
3 Anchors of Fog

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