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How to Beat Mattugr Helson | Boss Fight Guide

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This is a guide on how to beat Mattugr Helson in God of War PS4 (GoW 4). This page will explain its attack patterns, behavior, and tips and strategies on how to deal the most damage you can against it and take minimal damage at the same time.

Mattugr Helson Boss Information

Bestiary Entry

Mattugr Helson
Mattugr Helson Bestiary Entry
Category Trolls
Entry Text
Mattugr Helson, known as Helheim's son and bridge keeper. Apparently, he was actually born and raised in Hel. Growing up in a troll tribe can't be an easy life, but growing up in Hel must be evn worse.

Basic Information

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Name Mattugr Helson
Recommended Level Level 2-4
Weapons Stone Pillar

Mattugr Helson Location

You'll find the troll Mattugr Helson at the end of the Bridge of the Damned.

World View Guide
You'll find Mattugr at the end of the Bridge of the Damned during the quest The Sickness.

Best Build


Armor Set True Warrior Set
Secondary Upgrades

Leviathan Axe

Axe Level Level 3

Blades of Chaos

Axe Level No Upgrade Required

Mattugr Helson Boss Fight Guide

Opening Attack

Regardless of whether or not Mattugr strikes first, you must find a way to get closer to him. Be wary of his ability to flash in and out of places near you, as he tries to do this to get a close strike. Use your Light or Heavy Runic Attacks to open the match.

Mattugr Helson Attack Patterns

Attack 1

Similar to other element based Trolls, Mattugr will throw ice at you. These are dodgeable, and is the recommended course of action for you to take as it allows you to get nearer to him.

Attack 2

The troll will try the normal routine for most trolls, which is to swing their Stone Pillar at you. Mattugr however is unique, as after every swing he will disappear and then reappear near you for follow up strikes. Dodge these and counterattack once he's finished.

A variant of this attack will be him flashing directly towards you and just slamming his Stone Pillar down. Evade and counterattack.

Attack 3

He will send waves of ice at you, usually three at a time. Although these hits are blockable, they will stagger you, and when he summons some help to aide him in the fight, blocking may cost you.

Tips and Strategy

The fight with Mattugr is quite complicated due to the number of hazards you have to avoid. The first of these are blue orbs that, if they hit you, will cause you to stagger, while the second of these obstacles – the Hel-Broods – are annoying things to fight as they usually are summoned while Mattugr sends ice waves at you.

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