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Jotunheim in Reach Quest Walkthrough

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This is a walkthrough for Jotunheim in Reach in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, quest rewards, tips for completion, as well as boss fight strategies!

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Between The Realms Jotunheim in Reach Mother's Ashes

Jotunheim in Reach Basic Information

How to Unlock Jotunheim in Reach

Once you have successfully raised the tower for the realm of Jotunheim, making realm travel to the land of the giants possible, you shall now try to reach the fabled lands.

Jotunheim in Reach Quest Rewards

10125 XP - -

Jotunheim in Reach Quest Walkthrough

Talk to Jormungandr

GoW Jotunheim in Reach - Talk to Jormungandr.png

Head back to the Realm Travel Room.
Use the table to travel to Jotunheim.
Exit the room and talk to Brok and Sindri.
Head back to the center of the bridge and use the Serpent's Horn.
Head back to your boat.

Find Mimir's Eye

GoW Jotunheim in Reach - Boat into the Serpent

Row your boat into Jormungandr's mouth.
Keep rowing until you begin to see rocks to the sides.
Dock at the island where you can find Thor's Hammer.
Use your Leviathan Axe to turn the gear to the right of where you dock. Lock it in place with the axe.
Turn left, destroy the barricade and climb the pillar.
Jump onto the platform and retrieve your axe.
Climb the wall and open the golden chest.
Use the rope to get back to your boat.
Exit Jormungandr.
13 Defeat Baldur.

Tips and Strategies

While inside of Jormungandr, you can make use of the top lining of his mouth to guide your way if it gets too dark.

Boss Strategy: Baldur

GoW Jotunheim in Reach - Baldur.png

Your last fight with Baldur is very much like your first one with him. He will stil use his ability to flash from place to place to confuse you – roll out of the way when he comes in for an attack, and parry his attempts to flash straight towards you for a punch.

First Phase

GoW Jotunheim in Reach - First Phase.png

The first phase of this fight will involve Freya constantly getting in your way by trapping you in roots whenever you and Baldur finish having a row. Break out of them before Baldur does. Baldur will try to use his speed against you, and try to rush you for an attack. Block, dodge, or parry these and strike back.

Second Phase

GoW Jotunheim in Reach - Second Phase.png

This phase is much like the first – instead of vines, Freya will make use of the giant's hands to send disruptive wave attacks against you. Block these.

You must use the Blades of Chaos throughout the majority of this fight, as Baldur will encapsulate himsef in an aura of ice the Leviathan Axe will simply bounce off of. You must also dodge or block the shards of ice he sends your way.

Third Phase

GoW Jotunheim in Reach - Third Phase.png

You must use your Leviathan Axe for this phase, as Baldur wraps himself in a flaming aura. Freya will send Broods down on you, so be wary of their charges and attacks.

Baldur himself will jump straight into the air and come crashing back down. Dodge these attacks and turn to attack him. Atreus' Shock Arrows are useful in these situations, so that you can slightly stun Baldur and cause some damage while his arrows bounce off to hit Broods.

Fourth Phase

GoW Jotunheim in Reach - Fourth Phase.png

You will start off in Spartan Rage with however much rage you still have left – make sure to make the most out of it. Once you return to normal, you must pay attention to Baldur's color and switch between your weapons accordingly. Remember his attack patterns from the previous phases, and dodge them here.

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