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How to Beat Soul Eater | Boss Fight Guide

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God of War PS4 - How to Beat Soul Eater
This is a guide on how to beat Soul Eater in God of War PS4 (GoW 4). This page will explain its attack patterns, behavior, and tips and strategies on how to deal the most damage you can against it and take minimal damage at the same time.

Soul Eater Boss Information

Bestiary Entry

Soul Eater
Soul Eater Bestiary Entry
Category Primordial
Entry Text
They look almost exactly like Ancients, but there's something... off about them. Mom always called the Soul Eaters, "Dangerous abominations." She never said a bad word about ANY living creature (even poisonous bugs!), so her saying that always stuck with me. I wish I could tell her Father and I killed one.

Basic Information

God of War PS4 - Soul Eater

Name Soul Eater
Recommended Level Level 3-5
Weapons Fire Projectiles

Soul Eater Location

Soul Eater can be found in the Volunder Mines during the Favor Second Hand Soul.

World View Guide
From Brok's Shop, take the stairs to the left as you exit onto the bridge. Head down to your boat and head to the southeast, where you'll find a small cave leading into the Volunder Mines.

Best Build


Armor Set True Warrior Set

Leviathan Axe

Axe Level Level 2

Soul Eater Boss Fight Guide

Opening Attack

God of War PS4 - Soul Eater Opening
As soon as you step off the ledge into the Soul Eater's domain, it will turn around and stand in place for a few moments before the fight begins. Due to its hard exterior, it is not possible to cause it harm in this state. Wait for it to open up its chest instead, and run behind the pillar at the center of the room.

Soul Eater Attack Patterns

Attack 1

God of War PS4 - Soul Eater Attack 1

It's primary mode of attack, this Primordial will cross its arms over its chest – all before it opens both its arms and chest wide open, shooting balls of fire at you from afar. You can throw your axe at this opening, which casues pieces of the Soul Eater to break off. Pick these up and throw it back at the creature's open chest to cause significant damage.

Attack 2

God of War PS4 - Soul Eater Attack 2

When moving close to it, Soul Eater will quickly kneel down, pumping its fists in the ground that causes a small pulse of fire energy, which can cause you to fall flat on your back. There is little you can do in this scenario except to move away.

Attack 3

God of War PS4 - Soul Eater Attack 3

A variation of its kneeling attack, it will go down flat on its stomach, before a larger pulse of fire energy will blast outward from where it is. This blast will cause more damage when compared to its kneeling attack, and can be easily avoided by rolling away.

Tips and Strategy

Despite its ominous name, going through a fight against the Soul Eater isn't particularly difficult. There will be a stone pillar in the center of the area you fight it in; use this to shield yourself from its Fire Projectiles. Having a good angle can allow you to throw your axe or its explosive pieces into its chest without exposing yourself.

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Boss Difficulty
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