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Ivaldi's Workshop Favor Walkthrough

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GoW - Ivaldi
This is a walkthrough for Ivaldi's Workshop in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn more about the objectives of this side quest and quest rewards.

Ivaldi's Workshop Basic Information

How to Unlock Ivaldi's Workshop

Talk to Sindri in Niflheim to start the favor.

Note that you need complete The Realm of Fog to start this side quest.

Ivaldi's Workshop Quest Rewards

1075 XP - -

Ivaldi's Workshop Quest Walkthrough

Head to Niflheim

GoW - Realm Travel Room

Head to the Realm Travel Room and travel to Niflheim.
2 GoW - Ivaldi
Talk to Sindri to start the favor.

Gather Mist Echoes

GoW - Ivaldi

Head into the mist and defeat the enemies. Loot the chests to obtain some Mist Echoes.
Opening chests refills a small amount of the red timer meter.
Craft the Niflheim Entry Stone after gathering 500 Mist Echoes.
Use the entry stone on the pedestal to complete the favor.

Placing the entry stone automatically starts the next favor, Ivaldi's Protection.

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