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Between The Realms Quest Walkthrough

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This is a walkthrough for Between The Realms in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, quest rewards, tips for completion, as well as boss fight strategies!

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Between The Realms Basic Information

How to Unlock Between The Realms

After retrieving the Unity Stone from the flipped Realm Travel Room , you must use the Mystic Gateway to gain access to the Jotunheim Tower and raise it into existence.

Between The Realms Quest Rewards

10125 XP - -

Between The Realms Quest Walkthrough

Explore the Realm Between Realms

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Head out of the Realm Travel Room.
Make your way inside of the Mystic Gateway. Gateway travel to other places will temporarily be unavailable until you complete this quest.
Once in the gateway realm, make your way to the edge and jump off.
Follow the path and enter the Jotunheim Tower.
Interact with the pedestal at the end of the chamber.
Defeat the enemies.
You will encounter waves of enemies from different realms. Defeat them all.
Defeat Daudi Munr.
Exit the Tower.

Tips and Strategies

As soon as you enter the Jotunheim Tower, you'll spot pick ups that increase your health and rage. Do so and prepare for a long fight! Once the enemies start pouring in, scavenge as much health and rage as you can as you progress from realm to realm.

Boss Strategy: Daudi Munr

GoW Between the Realms - Daudi Munr.png

Daudi itself isn't a difficult Troll to battle. The worry with this boss fight are the various Draugr that come your way, along with the one Ogre that climbs up as soon as you reach the realm of Muspelheim. Make sure to fill your rage and have a Resurrection Stone at the ready.

Focus on the Ogre

Due to its nature and ability to disrupt your attacks with its charges, focus on the Ogre first. Have Atreus loose Shock Arrows against Draugr to prevent them from coming close. If you can, ride the Ogre and hit Daudi with it.

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