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Dead Freight Favor Walkthrough

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GoW - Dead Freight Favor Walkthrough
This is a walkthrough for Dead Freight in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn more about the objectives of this side quest, quest rewards, as well as boss fight strategies!

Dead Freight Basic Information

How to Unlock Dead Freight

After completing A New Destination, you have the option to explore the surrounding area.

Head to the Forgotten Caverns and find a beach leading to a cave.

Dead Freight Quest Rewards

1880 XP Tyr's Cuirass Recipe Tyr's Offering

Dead Freight Quest Walkthrough

Head to the Forgotten Caverns

GoW - Heading to the Forgotten Caverns

Head to the Forgotten Caverns northwest of the Lake of Nine
Talk to the Lake Spirit near the cave to start the favor.
Head straight inside the cave to loot the chest and activate the Mystic Gateway.

Defeat the Wolves and pick up the treasure map.

Head to the Niflheim Tower

GoW - Heading to the Niflheim Tower

Head to the Niflheim Tower south of the Forgotten Caverns.
Use the switch to raise the elevator to the next area.
Defeat the three Hel-Reavers in the area. Use your fists to knock them off the tower and have Atreus fire Shock Arrows to distract the others.
Pick up the Artifact next to the corpse. Turn around and have Atreus read the runes.

Head to the Isle of Death

GoW - Heading to the Isle of Death

Head to the Isle of Death northwest of the Niflheim Tower.
Hit the Red Urn to destroy the rubble and proceed to the next area.
Defeat the Hel-Reavers and the Hel-Viken in the area.
Destroy the hanging Red Urn to loot the coffin nearby.

Inside the chest are some Solid Svartalfheim Steel, World Serpent Scale, and an Etched Crest of Cunning.

Head to the Iron Cove

GoW - Heading to the Iron Cove

Head to the Iron Cove south of the Isle of Death.
Defeat the Hel-Reavers that will come to life. Hit the Red Urn in the middle of the area to take them out.
Pick up the treasure map near the area..
There is also an optional boss fight with a Fire Ancient in this area. Hit the Red Urn to awaken the boss.
Defeating the Fire Ancient rewards you with the following loot:
    ・ Fire Sigil of Focus
    ・Ancient's Rubble
    ・ Ancient's Heart
    ・Solid Svartalfheim Steel
    ・ World Serpent Scale
    ・ Hacksilver
Loot the coffin to obtain some Solid Svartalfheim Steel, World Serpent Scales, and an Inscribed Crest of Cunning.

Return to the Lake Spirit

GoW - Return to the Lake Spirit

Talk to the Lake Spirit to receive Tyr's Offering and to complete the favor.

Boss Strategy: Fire Ancient

Use Ranged Attacks

GoW - Battling the Fire Ancient Boss
Throw the Leviathan Axe while its chest is exposed to deal damage. Avoid facing it head-on as the boss is resistant to melee attacks.

Pick up the chunks that it drops by pressing the Circle button and throw into its chest when it's exposed to deal massive damage.

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