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A Path to Jotunheim Quest Walkthrough

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This is a walkthrough for A Path to Jotunheim in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, quest rewards, tips for completion, as well as boss fight strategies!

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Escape from Helheim A Path to Jotunheim Between The Realms

A Path to Jotunheim Basic Information

How to Unlock A Path to Jotunheim

After taking the Realm Travel Room out of Helheim, the brother dwarves make for you a key to unlock a mysterious door that will provide you with a way to travel through to Jotunheim.

A Path to Jotunheim Quest Rewards

10125 XP - -

A Path to Jotunheim Quest Walkthrough

Locate Tyr's Mysterious Door

GoW A Path to Jotunheim - Locate Tyr

Realm Travel back to Midgard.
Talk to Brok.
Find the locked door.
Head out of the temple and take the stairs down past the door where you got the Black Rune from. Locate the locked door near the central wall of the bridge's circular section.
Interact with the door and enter.
Interact with Atreus when he looks up at a ball of light.
Head through the small door that opens to the sides.
Follow the path down to a central chamber and interact with the rune at the end.
Push the Realm Travel Room up.

Break the Chains

GoW A Path to Jotunheim - Break the Chains.png

Interact with the statues.
Interact with the pedestal that replaces the sand bowl afterwards.
Choose which side you would like to take first – the left or right.

The Left Chain

Head through the gate on the left.
Lock and release the traps until they align.
Run through the gap they leave behind when they move.
At the next trap, get the Winds of Hel from the door.
Place the Winds of Hel on the socket on the wall.
When the trap begins to spin, wait until it has moved to the side to get the Winds of Hel on the wall.
Deposit the energy into the trap itself.
Wait until it retracts before you retake the Winds of Hel.
Take the Winds of Hel from the first trap of the next section.
Deposit the energy into the third trap when the second retracts. Run through the gap.
Destroy the chain.
Prepare for a fight.
Head back to the center room.

The Right Chain

Head through the gate on the right and equip your Leviathan Axe.
Lock the first trap when it rises.
When the second trap comes down, lock it with the Leviathan Axe.
When the third trap at the end goes down, remove the lock from the second trap.
Run beneath the traps when they all rise up.
Head towards the next trap filled hallway.
Grab a crystal next to the hallway and use it on the floor beneath the first trap.
Climb on top of the first trap.
As soon as the second trap goes down, run through.
Destroy the chain.
Prepare yourself for a fight.
Head back to the center room.

Flip the Temple

GoW A Path to Jotunheim - Flip the Temple.png

Head back up to the central chamber.
Flip the temple.
Climb up the wall on the left side of the rune.
Head towards the ball of light and interact with it.

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