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Deus Ex Malachite Favor Walkthrough

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GoW - Deus Ex Malachite Favor Walkthrough
This is a walkthrough for Deus Ex Malachite in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn more about the objectives of this side quest and quest rewards.

Deus Ex Malachite Basic Information

How to Unlock Deus Ex Malachite

After completing A New Destination, you have the option to explore the surrounding area.

Head to Brok's Shop and talk to him to start the favor. Note that you need to complete Second Hand Soul first to gain access to this side quest.

Deus Ex Malachite Quest Rewards

3290 XP Epic Enchantment -

Deus Ex Malachite Quest Walkthrough

Head to the Landsuther Mines

GoW - Deus Ex Malachite Favor Landsuther Mines

Talk to Brok to start the favor.
Head to the Landsuther Mines south of The River Pass. Pass through a small canyon to discover the Landsuther Canyon.
Follow the path until you find Brok. Talk to him to receive the entry stone.
Put the entry stone on the pedestal to open the door.

Search for Andvari's Hammer

GoW - Deus Ex Malachite Favor Landsuther Mines Interior

Head inside the mine and defeat the Tatzelwurms.
Head to the elevated platform and use the switch to bring down a pallet.
Climb the pallet and have Atreus fire a Shock Arrow at the World Tree Sap to bring down the pallet.
Drop down from the pallet and defeat the Dark Elves that appear.
Head down to the pit and move to the right. Loot the coffin to get some Solid Svartalfheim Steel and World Serpent Scales.

Continue down the pit and defeat the Nightmares that appear.
Turn around and destroy the roots. Defeat the Nightmare that appears when you head inside. Loot the coffin to get some Solid Svartalfheim Steel and World Serpent Scales.
Loot the area for Hacksilver. Head to the waterfall and loot the chest behind it. Destroy the root on the ceiling to get some Hacksilver.
Head left from the waterfall and use the elevator. Pick up the treasure map and loot the coffin. Open the gate to create a shortcut.
Head back to the waterfall and climb the ledge. Turn right and destroy the wooden barricade. Loot the chest for some Hacksilver.
Destroy the roots and follow the path. Drop down the ledge to face the Traveler.
Use melee attacks and Runic Attacks to defeat the Traveler. Two Nightmares and two Tatzelwurms will also appear to join the fight.
Climb the ledge next to the dead Soul Eater and follow the path. Destroy the wooden barricade and loot the chest. Drop down the ledge and head left.
Destroy the roots and reveal a path leading to a coffin. Inside is a Shard of the Elements enchantment.
Head back and climb the ledge to proceed to the next area. Defeat the Dark Elves that appear.
Climb up the ledge and turn left. Jump to the next ledge and climb up to loot the chest above.
Head back to the passage and follow the path leading to a switch.
Use the switch to lift up the pallet, revealing a path leading to the top part of the area.
Use the zip line and climb to the top.
Defeat the Dark Elf Lord and the Dark Elves in the area. Pick up the loot to receive an Epic Talisman, Aegir's Protection.
Head to the ledge and boost Atreus up to open the gate.
Head inside the chamber and loot the Legendary Chest to find Andvari's Hammer.

Return to Brok

GoW - Deus Ex Malachite Favor Return to Brok

From the Legendary Chest, turn left and find a minecart. Push it to open up a new path. Defeat the Tatzelwurm that appears.
Head to the new path and pick up the scroll on the floor. Kick the chain the head down to the starting area.

Turn right and head inside the small cavern.
Talk to Brok to receive Andvari's Soul and to complete the favor.

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