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This is a walkthrough for Return to the Summit in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, quest rewards, tips for completion, as well as boss fight strategies!

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The Black Rune Return to the Summit Escape from Helheim

Return to the Summit Basic Information

How to Unlock Return to the Summit

Once you've secured both a piece of the chisel and the Black Rune, you must head back up the mountain where you found Mimir and open the gate that leads into Jotunheim.

Return to the Summit Quest Rewards

6750 XP - -

Return to the Summit Quest Walkthrough

Go Back Through the Tower

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Cross the bridge and enter the temple.
Head through the temple to get to the forest clearing where Sindri's Shop is.
Head up the path you used before to ascend the mountain.
Head inside the mountain and turn left.
You can now destroy the roots blocking your way with Atreus' bow.
Continue along the path.
In the large cavern where you used a cart to ascend, head to the far end.
Use the Blades of Chaos to destroy the roots blocking your path.
Take the lift up.

Continue Towards the Summit

GoW Return to the Summit - Continue to the Summit.png

Head down the path.
Defeat the Frost Ancient.
Head into hallway behind the platform and continue along the path.
Open the door next to Sindri's Shop.
Clear the roots and climb up the mountain side.
Continue along the mountain pass until you reach the summit.

Open the Bridge to Jotunheim

GoW Return to the Summit - Open the Bridge to Jotunheim.png

Approach the arch and open the way to Jotunheim.
Head into the temple.
Rescue Atreus.

Boss Strategy: Frost Ancient

GoW Return to the Summit - Frost Ancient.png

Like the other battles against other Frost Ancients, this short fight isn't difficult. Once it opens its chest to send a beam of ice your way, throw your Leviathan Axe into its chest. It will drop explosive fragments you can use to throw back at it for major damage.

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