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Freya is one of the major characters in God of War 2018, serving as one of Kratos' and Atreus' primary allies on their journey. Despite her kind and helpful nature, Freya holds many secrets, affecting the father and son duo throughout their attempts to scatter the ashes of Kratos' beloved wife.

Freya Character Information

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Category Friends
Voice Actor Danielle Bisutti

The Goddess Freya Bestiary Entry

Mysterious Character

Despite appearing early on in the game, many facts about Freya are not learned by neither Kratos nor Atreus until the end of the game's midway point. Small tidbits of information are slowly and deliberately shoehorned into the narrative as the player progresses through the story, with the only sure things known about the woman are the facts that she is a god and that she has tremendous care for the living creatures in her small garden.

Freya Story Role

Witch of the Woods

After Atreus goes missing for a short while in the fog during a lesson on hunting taught by Kratos, the duo encounter Freya – only known then as the Witch of the Woods. Although mistrustful of the woman's intentions, she nevertheless proves herself to the two after letting them use her home as a means to travel our into the Shores of Nine.

Light of Alfheim

Soon afterwards, Kratos and Atreus discover that the path leading up to The Mountain is blocked by a strange black mist. Freya appears then to assist the two, pointing them to the Light of Alfheim and providing them with a means of traversing to the realm of Alfheim itself.

Atreus' Savior

Later on, the pair bring Freya the severed head of Mimir, whom she helps to revive. Afterwards, the pair return again to request her aid after Atreus falls into a deep slumber. She helps to stabilize the boy, and tells Kratos to seek the heart of a creature in Helheim, which she uses later on to revive Atreus.

Mother of Baldur

Near the twilight of the game's story, it is revealed that Freya is actually the mother of Baldur after Kratos and Atreus witness an illusion in Helheim featuring events throughout Baldur's life. As the two try to continue on in their journey, Baldur accosts them one final time, and Freya betrays the two in an attempt to aid her son.

After a battle between the four, Baldur would threaten his mother with death – he dies as a result of this, with a shard of Atreus' mistletoe lodging itself in Baldur's hand, destorying Freya's protection which allows Kratos to kill him himself in order to save the woman. Freya, in mourning, vows to make Kratos suffer for the death of her son.

Freya Abilities

Unique Abilities

Freya displays a wide array of powers that comes as both an aid and a hindrance to the player. She has numerous abilities, such as being able to revive fallen creatures such as Mimir or the Giant near the end of the game, or in helping those afflicted with disabilities or curses such as Atreus.

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