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Veithurgard Region Summary and List of Collectibles

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Track your completion rate and all collectibles in Veithurgard with the Veithurgard Region Summary for God of War (2018). Find out what items are still undiscovered and their location in the Veithurgard region!

Veithurgard Region Summary

Veithurgard is located at the east side of Midgard and can only be accessed by opening the gate from Stone Falls.

Veithurgard Summary
Favors 1
Artifacts 6
Mystic Gateways 1
Shops 1
Lore Markers 6
Odin's Ravens 3
Nornir Chests 1
Legendary Chests 1

Realm and Region Summaries and List of Collectibles

Veithurgard Favor Locations

Otr's Imprisonment

Otr is a chained dragon that can be found in Veithurgard. Three dragon shrines will need to be broken in order to complete the Favor.

Head towards the top of the stairs closer to where the dragon is chained – head right afterwards to find the first shrine at the top of the path on the right.
Head back to the main altar where the dragon is chained to, then head left. You'll arrive at a crossroad – take the path left up the hill and destroy the shrine there.
The last shrine is on a balcony overlooking the Veirhurgard inside of the fortress locked behind a Rune-locked Door past the broken bridge near the dragon's location.

Once the player has gained access inside, they'll need to take the first right available beyond the locked doors, and from there destroy a red barrel blocking the way to the balcony.
Return to the main altar keeping the dragon chained and interact with it to finish the Favor.

Otr's Imprisonment Favor Walkthrough

Veirthurgard Artifact Locations

Artifact #1

The first artifact can be found at the end of the dock near the beach where you can settle your boat in when entering Veithurgard.

Upon docking with at the beach in Veithurgard, turn left and cross the docks. Jump across the broken bridgeway, where you'll find a dead body at the end with the artifact.

Artifact #2

The second artifact can be found at the top of the ridge to the right of the beach you dock with. The artifact can only be accessed by opening a locked gate that will give you access to the ridge.

Head to the right of the beach and past the locked gate where you'll find a chain. Interact with the chain and freeze it in place.
2 Move back to the locked gate and enter. Climb up the walls and then move down the path until you reach a wall of breakable boards – behind it is the artifact.

Artifact #3

The artifact can be found beneath a small waterfall, in front of a dead body hidden behind breakable boxes.

From the alter where Otr is chained to, head left and up the path until you can see the waterfall. You'll see the artifact as you approach.

Artifact #4

Found on the bridge leading towards the locked doors of Veithurgard Keep. The artifact is hidden behind rubble that need to be destroyed.

From the lone Nornir Chest in the region, turn around and pass the locked gate and turn right to a ledge. Climb up the bridge and turn right, where you can throw an axe to the red explosive jar, revealing the artifact.

Artifact #5

One of two artifacts inside of Veithurgard Keep. The artifact is at the top of the stairs to the left of where you enter the Keep.

Artifact #6

Once players have progressed enough in the Keep, they'll be able to lower the water level in the level below them. Once the water has been lowered, a body will be revealed with the artifact directly at the bottom of its feet.

Horns of Veithurgard Artifacts Locations

Veirthurgard Mystic Gateway Locations

Mystic Gateway #1

The sole Mystic Gateway in Veithurgard can be found on the beach leading up to Otr's main altar. The location can be reached by taking a boat from the area the player exits from when venturing to Veithurgard from Stone Falls and travelling to the beach with a broken dock.

Veithurgard Shop Locations

Shop #1

When coming into Veithurgard from Stone Falls, Brok's shop will be the first and only shop that you'll have access to in the region. From Stone Falls on a boat, you can find the shop as soon as you climb the cliff face from the beach where you leave your boat behind.

Veithurgard Lore Marker Locations

Lore Marker #1

The first Lore Marker that can be encountered is just in front of Brok's Shop, at the top of the plateau you climb when reaching Veithurgard from Stone Falls.

Lore Marker #2

From Brok's Shop, head to the next area where you'll have to pass by a low arch that Kratos and Atreus will have to crouch through. Once on the other side, you'll see the marker directly ahead of where you exit.

Lore Marker #3

From Marker #2, turn right to see some runes etched on a stone pillar. This will be the third marker that you can interact with.

Lore Marker #4

From the Mystic Gateway on the beach, head towards the stairs leading up to Otr the Dragon. You'll see the Lore Marker to the right of the first flight of stairs you need to climb to get to the Dragon.

Lore Marker #5

The next marker is to the left of the rune-locked doors leading into Veithurgard Keep. From the locked doors, do not pass through – instead, look left for the marker.

Lore Marker #6

Inside of Veithurgard Keep, players will need to progress in the area until they can lower the water levels in the level below them. There, they'll find a dead body near a darkened corridor – move towards this corridor where they'll be able to see the Lore Marker to the left of where they exit.

Veithurgard Odin's Ravens Locations

Odin's Raven #1

You can find the first Raven near where Thor's Statue is, beyond the beach of where the Mystic Gateway is in Veithurgard. It will be flying a circular pattern, so timing a throw of your axe is essential to destroy it.

Odin's Raven #2

Beneath where you find Otr the dragon, you'll find breakable boards beneath where he is. Break the left-most board in order to get to the Raven inside.

Odin's Raven #3

The last Raven is hidden to the left of the entrance to Veithurgard Keep. From the rune locked door, turn left and look behind the rocks to the left of the left-most pillar with runes. You'll find the Raven behind the slabs of rock, open for an easy axe throw.

Raven Locations | How to Find All Odin's Ravens

Veithurgard Nornir Chest Locations

Nornir Chest #1

From the main altar where the dragon is chained to, take a left. At the clearing, head towards the path leading beneath the short bridge ahead, but do not head beneath it. Instead, take a right towards and head towards a climbable ledge. The Nornir Chest will be at the top near a closed gate.

From the chest, head left towards the bridge, but do not cross. You'll find a ledge you can jump off of – just ahead of this, you'll find the C rune on the other side of the plateau you're on, beside a fallen tree trunk.
The first rune is just behind the locked gate. You can get to it by heading down to the path leading under the bridge and heading through it towards enemies that are praying inside of a large stone altar. A path to the right of this leads you to where you can open the gate, along with the R rune to the right.
To find the last rune, head down towards where the enemies are praying to a tall pillar (the stone altar). You can find the N rune hidden through one of the openings of the stone archways surrounding the altar.

Nornir Chest Locations | How to Open Rune Chests

Veithurgard Legendary Chest Locations

Legendary Chest #1

To get to the sole Legendary Chest in Veithurgard, players will need to progress through Veithurgard Keep until they fight the boss Daudi Hamarr. Pick up the Vivarium Key Stone he drops, and interact with the pedestal to the side of the locked door – it will open then, revealing the Legendary Chest.

How to Beat Daudi Hamarr | Boss Fight Guide

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