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What is New Game+? (NG+)

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This is a guide to New Game+ (NG+) for God of War (2018) for Playstation 4. Read on to find out all we know about what's in store for God of War (2018) NG+.

What is New Game+?

New Game+ or NG+ is game mode that is unlocked by completing the main story of the game at least once.

Is New Game+ Available for God of War?

Yes! So, go finish the game!

NG+ came to God of War (2018) after an update launched in August 20, 2018.

In this game mode, players can hunt for new resources, armor for Kratos, Easter Eggs, and a whole lot more! Enemies can turn elite, and fighting them off can become more difficult as they develop new behaviors and attack patterns in Give Me a Challenge mode and Give Me God of War mode.

What Are Carrried Over to NG+ From Your Old Save File?

Armor and Accessories
Unlocked Extra Attacks and Abilities
Lore Sheet

Players will be able to play the entire story again on NG+ all the while having previously collected Inventory, Armor, Runic Attacks, Hacksilver, Upgrades and Skills all carried over.

How to Get God of War New Game+?

Complete the game.
Download and Install latest updates for God of War (2018).
Start the game.
Go to the Main Menu, scroll down, and select "New Game+".

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