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Helheim Region Summary and List of Collectibles

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Track your completion rate and all collectibles in Helheim with the Helheim Region Summary for God of War (2018). Find out what items are still undiscovered and their location in the Helheim region!

Helheim Region Summary

Helheim is a large realm that players can explore after progressing through the story. Much of the collectibles that people can get in-game here are all grouped together in three areas that players can explore early on without having to go deep into the realm.

Helheim Summary
Artifacts 5
Mystic Gateways 1
Odin's Ravens 6
Valkyries 1
Legendary Chests 3

Realm and Region Summaries and List of Collectibles

Helheim Artifact Locations

Artifact #1

As soon as players exit Tyr's Temple, turn right. The artifact can be found in the far corner of where they exit from the temple.

Artifact #2

Found just after the area where the floor will collapse, players must climb back up and head towards one of the pillars in the area. The artifact will remain trapped inside of some roots that players can destroy by using the Blades of Chaos.

Artifact #3

Near where Artifact #2 can be found, players will find a climbable wall to the side.They will exit out of a short tunnel, where they'll find the artifact trapped inside of several roots attached to the ceiling.

Artifact #4

Upon the player's return to the realm, they'll need to move to the first walkway on the bridge. They'll find a red crystal they'll be able to blow up – do so, and take the artifact just to the right of the entryway.

Artifact #5

The last artifact can be found in the Hidden Chamber of Odin, on the opposite side of the walkway where Artifact #4 can be found. Move deeper into the chamber where players will find the artifact next to a pyre placed beside a bookshelf.

List of Artifacts and Locations

Helheim Mystic Gateway Locations

Mystic Gateway #1

The only available Mystic Gateway in the realm is the one found inside of the Hidden Chamber of Odin. Players will only be able to access the chamber – and the gateway – once they have finished the quest Magic Chisel.

Helheim Odin's Raven Locations

Odin's Raven #1

Found on the bridge as you exit Tyr's Temple, make your way towards the World Serpent Horn, where you'll see the Raven sitting on the inside of the horn.

Odin's Raven #2

Found behind the crystal players can destroy on the first walkway on the bridge, the Raven will sit perched on top of where the Red Chest is in the area.

After exiting Tyr's Temple, head across the bridge until you crawl through a small tunnel. On the first walkway on the bridge, climb up to the top of it and destroy a crystal to the right. This will unveil a chest you can open, with the Raven perched above it.

Odin's Raven #3

Players will be able to find the third Raven flying around in the abyss beneath the bridge shortly after taking the path to the side of the bridge leading towards an area beneath it.

Shortly after taking a sidepath from the main bridge, players will be able to descend down into the caverns below. Eventually, Kratos and Atreus will come across a large, open space that is sunken with climbable walls – look to the right to find the abyss and the Raven flying around within it.

Odin's Raven #4

In the same area as that of Raven #3, players will have to climb a wall to the far left of the sunken area. At the top, move forwards until you can see the Raven perched on top of a mound of ice.

Odin's Raven #5

The fifth Raven can be found back on the Main Bridge, hidden behind a crystal locked door that leads to the Hidden Chamber of Odin.

On the main bridge, make your way to the second walkway past the short tunnel you crawl through. Climb up onto the walkway and turn left – destroy the crystal at the end to open the doors, revealing the Raven's position.

Odin's Raven #6

The last Raven in Helheim is found within the Hidden Chamber of Odin. After unlocking the first entrance with Raven #5, use the chisel on the door and enter the chamber where you'll find the Raven within.

1 Move towards the elevator and take it down. You'll find the Raven perched on top of the "window" on the upper floor.

Raven Locations | How to Find All Odin's Ravens

Helheim Valkyrie Locations

Valkyrie Rota

GoW Rota.png

Valkyrie Rota stands as in your way as the lone Valkyrie in Helheim. Found inside of the solitary Hidden Chamber of Odin in Helheim, which players can get to through a door on the second walkway along the main bridge, Rota is a very tough fight to get through as you march your way towards a fight against Queen Sigrun herself.

How to Beat Valkyrie Rota | Boss Fight Guide

Helheim Legendary Chests Location

Legendary Chest #1

The first Legendary Chest can be found as you exit Tyr's Temple. It is just beneath the World Serpent's Horn, lying out in the open on the main bridge.

Legendary Chest #2

God of War - Helheim Legendary Chest 2.png, mod:scale
The second chest can only be sought out after you have gained the ability to carry the Winds of Hel with you. The chest is located to a side area on the main bridge directly as you exit Tyr's Temple. Players will need to pass the Winds of Hel across several relays until they reach the locked door the chest is hidden behind.

On the main bridge, past the World Serpent's Horn, you'll find a statue with an interactable slot for the Winds of Hel – take it.
2 God of War - Helheim Legendary Chest 2 Step 2.png
A little to the side of the statue leading back to Tyr's Temple is another statue. Place the Winds of Hel into the slot on its back.
Take the Winds of Hel from the second statue and rush back to the World Serpent's Horn. Look up, where you'll find another slot where you can deposit the Winds of Hel into.
Before you pick up the Winds of Hel again, search for the next relay. This can be found by turning around from where you deposit the Winds of Hel and take a small path to the left where you'll find the relay hidden behind some slopes of ice.

Take the Winds of Hel here.
You can find this next relay just behind the guard-rail of the bridge next to the stairs leading down on the right-hand side of the entrance to Tyr's Temple.

Once the Winds of Hel have been placed in the last relay, head down the stairs. Take the Winds of Hel from the last relay and deposit it into the locked door to get to the Legendary Chest.

Legendary Chest #3

God of War - Helheim Legendary Chest 3.png
The last Legendary Chest in the realm is hidden beneath the Main Bridge – it can only be accessed once players gain the ability to destroy crystals with Atreus' Electric Arrows.

Head towards the first walkway just past the small tunnel you crawl through – climb up the tunnel and destroy the crystal locking the door to the right side.
Inside you'll find a red chest – to the side of this is a chain you can throw down. Move down this chain.
Across the small bridge when you move down the chain you'll find another crystal you can destroy. Do so to reveal the chest.

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