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Welcome to Game8's Guide Wiki and Walkthrough for the game Valheim. Here you can find guides on how to install, computer specs, crafting and combat guides, monster guides, and more! For all your Valheim walkthrough needs, leave it to Game8!

Valheim News and Updates

Recent Valheim News

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Valheim News and Updates

Available for Early Access!

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An Early Access build of Valheim was released for Steam on February 2, 2021. The game is still under development, so it will continue to undergo changes, but you can purchase it now and start playing right away!

How to Download and Install on Steam

Over Two Million Copies Sold

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On February 16th, 2021, it was announced that Valheim has sold over two million units, and has made its way to the top sellers list! With over two million users currently on the game, it is a great time to get started!

Valheim Tips and Tricks


Guide for Beginners: How to Get Started

Valheim Tips and Tricks

Beginner Guides
List of Controls Character Creation Guide
How to Emote Cooking Guide: How to Make Food
Comfort Level and Rested Explained Map Guide: How to Mark and Ping Locations
Skill Leveling Guide
Combat Guides
How to Parry: Parry Force and Parry Bonus How to Hunt Deer
Bow Tips: How to Aim the Bow List of Raids: How do Raids Work?
All Damage Types and Effects
Crafting Guides
Crafting Guide: How Does Crafting Work? How to Repair your Tools and Gear
How to Build and Upgrade the Workbench How to Build and Upgrade the Forge
Recipe List
Advanced Game Mechanics
How to Use Cheats and Console Commands How to Get Max Comfort
Farming and Resources Guides
Taming Guide: How to Tame Animals Breeding Guide: How to Breed Boar and Animals
How to Plant Seeds and Grow Vegetables Wolf Taming: How to Tame And Breed Wolves
House Building Guide
Adventuring Guides
Dungeons Guide: Locations and Types How to Sail
Haldor the Trader: Where to Find and What He Sells Buried Treasure: How to Find
Multiplayer Guides
PVP Guide: How to Turn on Friendly Fire How to Make a Personal Chest
Do Resources Respawn? What Happens When You Die?
How to Split Stacks to Take One Item

Valheim Boss Battles

Boss Battle Guides.png

How to Beat All Bosses

List of Boss Battles

The Elder

Valheim Weapons

Valheim Weapons Done.png

List of Weapons

All Weapon Types

List of Weapons by Type
Swords Knives List of Axes
Spears Maces List of Shields
Bows Arrows Pickaxes
Hammers Tools and Other Weapons

Valheim Best Weapons

Valheim Best Weapon Types.jpg

Best Weapon Types

All Best Weapon Guides

Valheim Armor

Valheim Armor done.png

List of Armor

All Armor Types

List of Armor by Type
Chest Armor Leg Armor
Helmets Capes

Valheim Items and Materials

Items and Materials Template.png

All Items and Materials

Types of Items and Materials

Types of Items and Materials
Crafting Materials Ore and Scrap Metal Trophies
Food Ingredients Key Items
Potions and Mead Seeds Valuables
Other Items

Valheim Buildings

Valheim Buildings Banner.jpg
List of Buildings (Structures)

List of Buildings (Structures)

Adze Anvils Artisan Table
Beehive Blast Furnace Bonfire
Campfire Cart Cauldron
Charcoal Kiln Chopping Block Cooking Station
Fermenter Forge Forge Bellows
Forge Cooler Forge Toolrack Grinding Wheel
Hearth Karve Longship
Portal Raft Smelter
Smith's Anvil Spinning Wheel Stone Pile
Stonecutter Tanning Rack Tool Shelf
Ward Windmill Wood Stack

Valheim Biomes

Valheim - Biome Banner 2.png

List of Biomes

List of Biomes

What are Ashlands BiomesAshlands What are Black Forest BiomesBlack Forest
What are Deep North BiomesDeep North What are Meadows BiomesMeadows
What are Mistlands BiomesMistlands What are Mountain BiomesMountain
What are Ocean BiomesOcean What are Plains BiomesPlains
What are Swamp BiomesSwamp

Valheim Message Boards

Message Boards.png

Message Boards

List of Message Boards
Discussion Board (0) LFG Board (0)
Suggestions Board (1)

About Valheim

Valheim Title

Price $19.99 USD
Platform Steam (PC)
Genre Open World Survival / Craft
Publisher Coffee Stain Publishing
Official Site Valheim

Explore Valheim as a Viking!

Valheim Explore as a Viking

Valheim puts you in control of a battle-slain Viking ferried by Valkyries to the 10th Norse world of Valheim. Here you will have to explore the world from snowy mountains to vast oceans, all in the name of Odin!

Build Settlements and Conquer the Land

Valheim Build Settlements

While in Valheim, develop settlements that would protect you from the elements. You can build anything from a small fishing village to enormous monuments that will solidify your legend!

Craft Equipment to Help You Survive

Valheim Craft Weapons

Valheim boasts a vast crafting tree that will take you from the stone age to the bronze age. Each item you craft helps advance your settlement onto the new age. Build new tools & weapons to help you survive and ships to help you explore the land!

Cooperate With Your Friends

Valheim Play with Friends

Exploring is always fun when done with friends! Valheim can support up to 10 players in a single world so you may ask all of your friends to join. Raid dungeons, defeat bosses, and conquer Valheim together!

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