Bronze Sword Recipe | How to Craft the Bronze Sword and Stats

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This is a guide to the Bronze Sword Weapon in Valheim. Learn the crafting recipe for the Bronze Sword, what materials are needed to craft and upgrade it, and all stats and information.

Bronze Sword Basic Information

Name Bronze Sword ImageBronze Sword
Weapon Type Sword
Description Blood-drinker, a thirsty friend.
Associated Skill/s Swords
Crafting Station Forge (Lv. 1)
# Hands One-handed
Weight 0.8
Durability Level 1: 200
Level 2: 250
Level 3: 300
Slash Level 1: 35
Level 2: 41
Level 3: 47
Block Power Level 1: 10
Level 2: 10
Level 3: 10
Parry Force Level 1: 20
Level 2: 25
Level 3: 30
Parry Bonus 2x
Knockback 40
Backstab 3x
Movement Speed -5%
Item Spawn Code SwordBronze

Bronze Sword Recipe: How to Craft the Bronze Sword

Crafting Materials Needed

Item Name How to Get
Bronze x8 Crafted using Copper and Tin.
Leather Scraps x2 Obtained from Boars, Chests, or Muddy Scrap Piles in Sunken Crypts.
Wood x2 Obtained by chopping trees or from picking up branches on the ground.

Spawn with Console Command

If you don't mind using cheats to obtain it, the Bronze Sword can easily be spawned with the console command.

To spawn the item, first turn on cheat codes by typing devcommands in the F5 console, and use the spawn SwordBronze command to create the item.

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How to Upgrade the Bronze Sword

Level 2 Upgrade Materials

Bronze ImageBronze x4 Leather Scraps ImageLeather Scraps x1 Wood ImageWood x1

Level 3 Upgrade Materials

Bronze ImageBronze x8 Leather Scraps ImageLeather Scraps x2 Wood ImageWood x2

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