List of Skills and Forsaken Powers

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This is a list of Skills and Forsaken Powers in the game Valheim. Learn the effects of each Skill and Forsaken Power.

List of Skills

Skill Effect
Axes Increases the damage when attacking enemies with an axe
Blocking Increases how much damage can be absorbed when blocking with a shield or weapon
Bows Increases damage when attacking with bows
Clubs Increases the damage when attacking enemies with a club
Jumping Increases jump height
Knives Increases the damage when attacking enemies with a knife
Pickaxes Increases the damage when attacking enemies with a pickaxe
Polearms Increases the damage when attacking enemies with a polearm
Run Increases your sprint speed and lowers stamina drain when sprinting
Sneak Decreases stamina drain and reduces your visibility to enemies when sneaking
Spears Increases the damage when attacking enemies with a spear
Swim Decreases stamina drain when swimming
Swords Increases the damage when attacking enemies with a sword
Unarmed Increases the damage when attacking enemies while unarmed
Wood Cutting Increases the damage when hitting trees with an axe

How do Skills Work

Your Viking's Ability

Skills are your character's proficiency in certain actions. Skills have levels that start at 0 and can be increased through experience.

All your skills don't initially appear in your menu when check it. You need to do the required action first and gain experience before it will appear in the Skills menu.

Max Skill Level is 100

The maximum skill level is 100. At this level, your skills are at max proficiency and will allow you to get the most out of your skills. It can take you a while to grind the experience to get to level 100, but it can be made easier with our skill grinding guide.
Skill Leveling Guide

Lose Skill Levels Upon Death

Dying can punish you by lowering your skill level by 5%. It doesn't seem like much at first but can add up if you keep dying. There is some leeway. Upon respawning you have a buff that will prevent skill level loss for a few minutes. If you want to know more information on what happens when you die, check out the guide below
What Happens When You Die?

List of Forsaken Powers

Obtained by Defeating Bosses

When defeating a boss they will drop a Trophy. Taking that trophy and hanging it at the boss' Forsaken Altar will grant you a special ability which can be used by pressing F (default keybinding). More information in our Forsaken Powers Guide below!

Boss Ability
Eikthyr Your ability to run and jump is improved, reducing stamina consumption.
The Elder Faster woodcutting.
Bonemass Resistance to physical damage is increased.
Moder Always tailwind while sailing.
Yagluth Ressitance to elemental damage is increased.

List of Forsaken Powers

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