List of Biomes (Zones)

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Valheim - List of Biomes.png
This is a comprehensive guide on Biomes (Zones) in Valheim. Read on to learn all there is to know about the different Biomes in Valheim!

What are Biomes?

Regions of Valheim

The land of Valheim is split into different regions called biomes. These biomes have their own visual design that will help you differentiate them from each other. You can see your current biome in the map on the upper right.

Have their Own Creatures and Resources

Not only do the biomes look different from each other, they also have different content waiting for you inside. Each biome will contain their own creatures and resources that can only be found in that biome. Each biome you go through will become more dangerous so you will want to craft better gear before venturing into a new one!

List of Biomes and Biome Progression (Zones)


Valheim - Meadows Biome.png
The Meadows is the starting area where anyone who enters Valheim for the first time will spawn in. Lush landscapes surrounded by tall and sturdy trees will greet you.

This biome is also the home of Valheim's first boss, Eikthyr.

Notable Resources
Wood Flint
Stone Fine Wood
Notable Creatures
Boar Deer
Biome Boss

Meadows Biome

Black Forest

Valheim - Black Forest.png
The Black Forest is a stark contrast to the Meadow's calm and serene landscape. This particular biome hosts a variety of aggressive monsters such as Greydwarves, Skeletons, and Trolls.

The Black Forest is also the home of Valheim's second boss, The Elder.

Notable Resources
Copper Ore Tin Ore
Core Wood Surtling Core
Notable Creatures
Troll Skeleton
Greydwarf Shaman Greydwarf Brute
Biome Boss
The Elder

Black Forest Biome


Valheim - Swamp Biome.png
The Swamp is a treacherous biome where even the terrain seems to stack the odds against you. This particular biome is host to monsters such as Draugrs, Wraiths, and Surtlings.

The Swamp is also the home of Valheim's third boss, Bonemass.

Notable Resources
Scrap Iron Ancient Bark
Turnip Seed Withered Bone
Notable Creatures
Draugr Blob
Wraith Leech
Biome Boss

Swamp Biome


Valheim - Mountain Biome.png
The Mountain biome is a snowy region in Valheim where fearsome monsters such as Wolves, Drakes, and Stone Golems reside.

It is recommended that you stock up on Frost Resistance Mead first to manage the Freezing debuff that is ever-present up in the mountains.

The Mountain is also home of Valheim's fourth boss, Moder.

Notable Resources
Silver Ore Dragon Egg
Notable Creatures
Drake Golem
Wolf Fenring
Biome Boss

Mountain Biome


Valheim - Plains Biome.png
The Plains are a vast and hostile biome that is mostly inhabited by Fulings, Fuling Shamans, and Fuling Berserkers. This biome is also home to the infamous Deathsquito!

The Plains are the home of Valheim's fifth boss, Yagluth.

Notable Resources
Flax Barley
Cloudberries Black Metal Scrap
Notable Creatures
Fuling Deathsquito
Lox Fuling Berserker
Biome Boss

Plains Biome


Valheim - Ocean Biome.png
The Ocean, as the name suggests, is the large body of water that covers the vast majority of Valheim's map. These biomes can be explored by building Rafts, Karves, and Longships.

Those brave enough to sail through these Serpent-infested waters may spot a particular creature called a Leviathan. These island-looking creatures are currently the only source of Chitin in Valheim, without resorting to cheats. There are plans for future updates to expand this biome, comback soon for any updates!

Notable Resources
Chitin -
Notable Creatures
Leviathan Serpent
Biome Boss

Ocean Biome

Deep North

Valheim - Deep North.png
The Deep North is a barren wasteland of rock and ice. Currently, there is nothing that inhabit these lands — not even trees.
Deep North Biome


Ashlands Biome.png
The Ashlands are fiery wastelands that are currently inhabited by Surtlings only. This particular biome seems to be the only place to obtain Flametal Ores without cheats.
Ashlands Biome


Valheim - Mistlands Biome.png
The Mistlands are especially spooky biomes that seem to be perpetually covered in darkness.

Gigantic spider webs are spotted within this biome — which suggests the addition of an arachnid-type boss or monster once Valheim's fourth planned update arrives!

Mistlands Biome

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