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This is a guide to crafting in Valheim! Find out how crafting works and what you need to craft different things and how to build the crafting station.


How Does Crafting Work?

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Crafting is the process of making better gear out of raw materials. The menu for crafting appears on the right-hand side of your UI, opposite your inventory. You can craft a few materials by opening your inventory but using crafting stations you can craft better and more complex items. But to craft these items, you will need the crafting recipes to have the option to craft the item.

How to Get New Crafting Recipes

Pick Up New Materials

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The only way to get new recipes is to obtain new materials. Each time you pick up new material, the crafting recipes that use that material are unlocked. With the recipe, you will see what materials are needed for the item to be crafted! Check out the list of recipes below!

Recipe List: How to Craft All Items

List of Crafting Stations


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You can craft a few items without any crafting station from your inventory. These are the most basic and essential items and while they are weak, they are necessary for survival.


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The Workbench allows you to craft more items that aren't made out of ingots. This is the next level of crafting you will encounter.

For more on how to build and upgrade the workbench, check our article down below!
How to Build and Upgrade the Workbench

Repair tools, armor, and weapons

Not only can you craft items at workbenches, but you can also repair the tools, armor, and weapons you crafted! Repairing is quick and easy, you just need to press a button. There is no cost to repairing, so repair whenever you are at your workbench.

How to Repair your Tools, Gear, and Buildings

Craft structures

Workbenches will also allow you to build and craft structures, like crafting stations and building pieces! As long as you are in the circle around the workbench and have the materials, you can craft whatever structure you want as long as you have the recipe!
List of Buildings (Structures)


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The Workbench allows you to forge more items that need ingots to make. These are your more advanced gear, mostly weapons, and armor. This is the highest crafting you will encounter for now, though there may be more as the game updates.

For more on how to build and upgrade the forge, check our article down below!
How to Build and Upgrade the Forge

Crafting Progression

As you progress through the game, you will start to obtain more materials that will unlock crafting recipes for better gear and equipment! The progress starting from the start and end can be divided by Ages, which have their core materials that make up the important crafting recipes. You will be spending each Age gathering these materials to craft better items than the last one!

Stone Age

Materials How to Get
Stone You can find these scattered on the ground.
Wood You can find these scattered on the ground. You can cut down trees for more wood if you have crafted the Stone Axe.
Flint These can be found on the ground near water sources.
Leather Scraps You will need to hunt boars for leather scraps.
Deer Hide Hunting deer is the only way to obtain this material.

Bronze Age

Materials How to Get
Copper Ore Can be mined out of the rocks in the Black Forest Biome.
Tin Ore Can be mined in the Black Forest Biome, found nearby water sources.
Surtling Cores Can be found in Burial Chambers.
Fine Wood With the Bronze Axe you can cut down the Birch Trees.
Core Wood With the Stone/Flint Pickaxe, cut down Pine Trees in the Black Forest

Iron Age

Materials How to Get
Scrap Iron Minen Muddy Scrap Piles found in the Sunken Crypts. You can access this dungeon after beating The Elder.

Silver Age

Materials How to Get
Silver Ore Obtained by mining silver veins, these are found underground. The use of Wishbone is recommended to help find these veins.

Black Metal Age

Materials How to Get
Black Metal Scrap Dropped by Fulings. Find a Fuling village and you'll find Black Metal Scrap.

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