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Valheim - Meadows Biome
This is a guide to the Meadows Biome found in Valheim. Read on to learn what enemies appear in the Meadows Biome, available resources, dungeons, and more!

What are Meadows Biomes?

Starting Biome

The Meadows is always going to be the starting biome for any world. Because it is the starter biome, you will find all the resources you need to get started. There are also weaker and low level creatures that can be beaten with just a few tools. A more in-depth guide to starting out in Valheim can be found below!

The Meadows and Eikthyr Guide

Full of Resources to Get you Started

What are Meadows Biomes
The Meadows are beginner-friendly biomes that feature serene forests and evergreen landscapes. This is where players drop into after they create a server or jump into an existing server for the first time!

This particular biome is a great source of Raw Meat, Deer Hides, and Leather Scraps due to the abundance of Boars and Deer that roam almost every corner of the Meadows. Necks can also be hunted for their Neck Tails near bodies of water.

Queen Bees are used to build Beehives for your base and can also be obtained in the Meadows by destroying their original beehives inside abandoned structures and houses.

The Meadows is also home of Valheim's first boss, Eikthyr. Click the button below for more information:
Eikthyr Boss Guide

What to Do in Meadows Biome

Build Your Base

Not only is the Meadows the first biome you will explore, it is also the safest. With the weakest enemies in the game being the only threats, you can set up a base safely in this biome! Your base will be your home, where you go to rest after out gathering and exploring. Here you will have a bed annd chests to keep your stuff. Below will help you get started on building your base and everything else to get you started!

Guide for Beginners

Stock up on Resources

Meadows will have all of the resources you are going to need early on. You will only need a few at first, but will require more and more overtime. Having a decent amount at the start will make sure you do not have to constantly go out to gather them.

Notable Resources

Resources How to Get
Wood Can be obtained from cutting down Beech trees with Axes.
Stone Can be found lying on the ground.
Flint Found on the ground near the sources of water
Dandelions Can be found on the ground.
Deer Hide Dropped by Deers upon death
Leather Scraps Dropped by Boars upon death

Find Treasure

While exploring the Meadow you will encounter rock formations in the shape of a ship. These rock formations hide valuable secrets underneath! Once you get the Pickaxe you can dig under the ground inside the rock formations until you unearth a chest. Inside the chest are valuable treasure that will help you trade with Haldor later on.

How to Find Buried Treasure

Meadow's Points of Interest

Abandoned Houses

This is one of the more common POI you will find in the Meadows. They can be alone or form an entire abandoned village. You can find chests with some valuables in these houses!

Buried Treasure

There are buried treasure found in the Meadows that contain valuables for you to find! They are marked by stone formations that form an elipse shaped like a ship. Dig inside of the stone formation and you can find bones and a chest! Heres a guide below to help you find these treasures!
How to Find Buried Treasure

Abandoned Towers

Wooden towers can be found in the Meadows. You can find loot on the second floor of these towers! Climb it when you see one.

Stone Circles

There are giant standing stones that form a circle in the Meadows. What they are used for is still not known at the moment, but may have some sort of function in future updates.

Draugr Villages

Similar to abanonded villages but much more dangerous. These Draugr villages contain body piles that will continue to spawn Draugrs. Try to keep a wide berth from these villages until you have Bronze weapons and equipment!

Enemies Found in Meadows

Enemy Drops
Boar Leather Scraps
Raw Meat
Boar Trophy
Deer Raw Meat
Deer Hide
Deer Trophy
Eikthyr Hard Antler
Eikthyr Trophy
Greyling Resin
Neck Neck Tail
Neck Trophy
Seagull Feathers

Meadows Available Resources

Dandelion Randomly spawns on the ground and can be picked up.
Fine Wood Chop Birch trees.
Flint Picked up near bodies of water.
Mushroom Can be gathered from the Meadows Biome or the Black Forest Biome
Queen Bee Obtained by breaking beehives on abandoned structures around the world.
Raspberries Can be gathered from the Meadows Biome.
Resin Enemy Drop from Greydwarves or obtained by chopping trees.
Stone Picked up from the ground or mined from rocks using a pickaxe.
Wood Obtained by chopping trees or from picking up branches on the ground.

Dungeons Found in Meadows

There are currently no available dungeons in the Meadows Biome.

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