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This is a message board for writing about Suggestions you have for Valheim's early access version. Discuss things that you would like to see changed or added into the full build of Valheim.

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8 Anonymous6 monthsReport

any update on guide for latest patch

7 Anonymousover 1 yearReport

The latest update devalued Fish. Have to fix that ASAP. I liked to fish and wanted to see them do something with catching bigger fish so its more exciting, and another larger speicies or make 1, 2 and more star sizes? Same thing with Hunting deer. Biggest is 2 star, why not up to 4 star or add elk?

6 Anonymousabout 2 yearsReport


5 Anonymousabout 2 yearsReport

Map icon

4 Anonymousabout 2 yearsReport

OR. When a fire goes out you have the option to harvest ash as an ingredient which you then use in the cauldron with meat to create soap. That would've the simplest change. Unless rendering dear hide is introduced as an option to produce the fat which could be used as an ingredient with the ash as well as for creating waterproof leather etc. An additional step would require harvesting the right trees to create the best ash.

3 Beary325about 2 yearsReport

Pulley System to get items up into a high area

2 fireblastabout 2 yearsReport

Add cooldown or item to boost portal for ore trips

1 Shorteagleover 2 yearsReport

Soap most likely originated from when people cooked food on a spit and the fat dripped on to the white ash in the fire and when combined with water it made a lather. Adding soap could introduce hygiene factors into the game. They could introduce it similar to how the hunger works, like, the better your hygiene, the more health/stamina you can gain. Making soap could consist of cooking meat over the spit, the fat mixing with ash and then mixing it with water could give you soap.

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