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This guide will show you how to find Haldor the Trader, a merchant in Valheim. Everything about the merchant's location, items, prices, and more can be found in this guide!

Who is Haldor the Trader?

Haldor the Trader

Haldor is a non-hostile merchant that resides in Valheim that sells unique goods and commodities in exchange for Coins. Haldor and his Lox, Halstein stay inside a runic bubble that protects them from hostile creatures.

How to Find the Merchant's Location

Haldor the merchant is found in a Black Forest biome. Take note however that within the huge open world, Valheim seems to only spawn one instance of Haldor and is denoted by a bag icon on the map. This encourages the players to explore Valheim in its entirety!

If and when you find Haldor, we recommend plopping in a portal near him so you can easily go back to buy more stuff in the future!

Best World Seed to Find Haldor

You can find Haldor easily in the world seed 42069lolxd. He is found south of the starting zone. To learn more about seeds check our World Seed guide.

Where to Get Coins

Find Coins in Dungeons

Coins can be found in the different dungeons in Valheim. They are usually found in room on the ground or stone slabs or in the chests found inside. They can be tough to see so bring a torch to help you see and make sure you don't miss any coins!

Check out our dungeons guide to find the different dungeons that have coins.

Dungeon Locations and Types

Buried Treasure

Coins can also be found in the chests that are buried in the Meadows! You can find these chests by looking for ship shaped rock formations and dig the dirt inside the rock formation until you unearth the treasure. This can be done easier if you have a Wishbone

How to Find Buried Treasure

Sell Valuables to the Merchant

The other way of obtaining the coins is by selling valuables you can find all around Valheim. These valuables are usually in chests or in rooms in dungeons. Make sure to grab every valuable you come across as they can be worth a lot of coins! Check out how much can you sell them for below.

Merchant Items and Prices

Sells Goods and Armor

Items Price
Yule Hat 100 coins
Dverger Circlet 620 coins
Megingjord 950 coins
Ymir Flesh 120 coins
Fishing Rod 350 coins
Fishing Bait 10 coins

From all the items listed here, we recommend buying the Megingjord and Dverger Circlet.

Megingjord increases your weight limit by +150 and Dverger Circlet illuminates your vicinity especially in dark dungeons!

Buys Precious Items

Items Sell Price
Amber 5 coins each
Amber Pearl 10 coins each
Ruby 20 coins each
Silver Necklace 30 coins each

Haldor does not have a menu for selling items. To sell items, just press the Sell button at the lower right side of the Buy menu and Haldor will buy your sellable items one by one, per stack!

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