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This is a guide on building the Bonfire structure from the Valheim game. Read more to find out what you need to build the Bonfire and how to use it!

How to Build a Bonfire

Bonfire ImageBonfire
Crafting Station N/A
Materials Ancient Bark x5
Core Wood x5
Fine Wood x5
Surtling Core x1

How to Get Required Materials

Item Name How to Get Spawn Code
Obtained from Ancient Trees in the Swamp biome or from chests inside Sunken Crypts. ElderBark
Chop Pine trees in the Black Forest biome. RoundLog
Chop Birch trees. FineWood
Obtained from Burial Chambers and Surtlings. SurtlingCore

How to Use a Bonfire

Valheim Bonfire How to Use
You place the bonfire on the ground and it creates warmth and comfort, as well as wards away wetness when you're in its radius. Take note that bonfires do not extinguish even when it's raining.

It's bigger than the campfire and harder to fit in a house, as well as more difficult to place cooking stations on it but it is possible.

A technique we've found that works is to build a platform around the bonfire (alternatively you could dig the bonfire in a hole), and placing the cooking station and cauldron on the platform a bit over the fire. It's hard but you'll know you succeeded if you're able to put meat on the cooking station, or if the cauldron has soup.

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Cooking Station Cauldron Workbench
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Wood Floor 2x2 Wood Floor 1x1 Wood Wall
Wood Wall Half Wood Door Wood Gate
Wood Stair Wood Ladder Thatch Roof 45°
Wood Wall 26° Thatch Roof i-corner 26° Thatch Roof o-corner 26°
Thatch Roof Ridge 26° Thatch Roof 26° Wood Roof Cross 45°
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Thatch Roof Ridge 45° Wood Roof Cross 26° Wood Pole 1m
Wood Pole 2m Wood Beam 1m Wood Beam 2m
Wood Beam 26° Wood Beam 45° Wood Iron Pole
Wood Iron Beam Wood Dragon Adornment Stone Wall 4x2
Stone Wall 2x1 Stone Wall 1x1 Sharp Stakes
Stakewall Roundpole Fence Log Pole 4m
Log Pole 2m Log Beam 2m Log Beam 4m
Stone Pillar Stone Arch Stone Floor 2x2
Iron Gate Stone Stair


Bed Dragon Bed Chest
Reinforced Chest Personal Chest Stool
Chair Bench Raven Throne
Lox Rug Sign Item Stand (Horizontal)
Item Stand (Vertical) Hanging Brazier Standing Green-Burning Iron Torch
Standing Wood Torch Standing Iron Torch Sconce
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Red Banner Green Banner Yuleklapp (Yellow)
Yuleklapp (Green) Yuleklapp (Red) Jack-o-turnip
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