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This is a guide on the best armor in Valheim. Read on to learn the best armor combination, armor tier list, and noteworthy armor pieces to consider when progressing through the game!

Best Armor Combination

Valheim - Best Armor Combination.png

Armor & Cape Combination
Padded Helmet.pngPadded Helmet Padded Cuirass.pngPadded Cuirass
Padded Greaves.pngPadded Greaves Wolf Fur Cape.pngWolf Fur Cape

The Padded Armor Set takes the top spot as the best armor combination currently in Valheim due to its ability reach 96 defense rating with all three pieces upgraded to level four. When paired with the Wolf Cape, this particular armor combination allows you to explore all nine biomes currently in the game with relative ease!

The Wolf Fur Cape, in particular, offers enough Frost Resistance to completely negate the Freezing Debuff everpresent in Mountain biomes. It also boasts 1600 durability at level four, only 50 points short of the Linen Cloth's max durability of 1650.

These factors make the Wolf Fur Cape the current best cape in Valheim in terms of overall benefits and is a perfect fit for the Padded Armor Set.

Armor Tier List

S Rank Icon
Padded Helmet.pngPadded Helmet Padded Cuirass.pngPadded Cuirass Padded Greaves.pngPadded Greaves
Wolf Fur Cape.pngWolf Fur Cape
A Rank Icon
Drake Helmet.pngDrake Helmet Wolf Armor Chest.pngWolf Armor Chest Wolf Armor Legs.pngWolf Armor Legs
Lox Cape.pngLox Cape Linen Cape.pngLinen Cape
B Rank Icon
Iron Helmet.pngIron Helmet Iron Scale Mail.pngIron Scale Mail Iron Greaves.pngIron Greaves
Bronze Helmet.pngBronze Helmet Iron Greaves.pngBronze Plate Cuirass Bronze Plate Leggings.pngBronze Plate Leggings
Troll Leather Helmet.pngTroll Leather Helmet Troll Leather Tunic.pngTroll Leather Tunic Troll Leather Pants.pngTroll Leather Pants
Troll Hide Cape.pngTroll Hide Cape
C Rank Icon
Leather Helmet.pngLeather Helmet Leather Tunic.pngLeather Tunic Leather Pants.pngLeather Pants
Deer Hide Cape.pngDeer Hide Cape Rag Tunic.pngRag Tunic Rag Pants.pngRag Pants

Noteworthy Armor Pieces

This section is currently under construction. Check back later for updates!

Wolf Armor Chest

Valheim (Best Armor Guide) - Wolf Armor Chest.png
The Wolf Armor Chest has 20 defense rating at level one and provides the same level of Frost Resistance as the Wolf Cape. These factors make it one of the best armor pieces to make when starting out in the Mountain biome in search of Moder!

How to Craft the Wolf Armor Chest and Stats

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