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This is a guide on how to use each weapon type in Valheim. Read more to find out how to use each weapon type and what are their strengths and weaknesses!


Valheim Sword.jpg
Swords are the strongest weapons when it comes to DPS as they are the fastest and they have damage similar to Axes.

They have the highest raw DPS so simply attack quickly then roll out of the way to avoid attacks, or block if you have a shield equipped.

They have an alternate attack which is a stab with a long windup, but it deals more damage. Take note that while it does a stabbing motion, it is counted as slash damage.


Valheim Knife.jpg
Knives are quick and deals both slash and pierce damage. Best used for sneak attacks, but it can also perform decently since it has quick start. You can use it to quickly do a whole three hit combo and get out quickly.

The knife has a alternate attack wherein you jump forward and stab your opponent, which is useful to make distance while attacking after rolling away, but the bonus damage is not that sizable.


Valheim Axe.png

Axes are the most straightforward weapon as it has no alternate attack. Simply click it thrice to do a whole combo.


Valheim Spear.jpg
Spears have a difficult hitbox as they only hit a narrow line infront of them. They also have a short reach due to the way its held. Because they don't slash down or to the side, it's hard to aim the hit. You cannot hit enemies a bit below you so make sure you fight on even ground.

Spears have a secondary attack where you throw it, but you'll have to pick it up again and the danger of being unarmed means either you have a spare weapon with you or don't risk throwing the spear at all. The bonus damage is not that big so it doesn't seem worth it as well.


Valheim Mace.jpg

Maces, like swords, have a slower and more powerful alternate attack where they wind up for a long time, and swing the mace upwards. It deals much more damage than a regular hit.

Aside from that, they have the classic three hit combo though due to the slow startup, it might be hard to land the full combo. Use this against skeletons and the Bonemass.


Valheim Bow.jpg

Use bows from afar to pepper enemies. Make sure to hold the attack button until the circle is the smallest size and fire as in ensures that it has the straightest line and strongest damage.

Read more of our guide to bows down below!

Bow Tips: How to Aim the Bow


Valheim Hammer.jpg

Hammers are unique in that they have an AoE damage, despite their slow startup. They can only do one large swing downwards, and then it will create a shockwave. Make sure to make space between you and opponents so you can have the startup time to attack in peace.

Use it to fight against crowds.


Valheim Atgeir.jpg
Atgeirs have a similar problem to spears that it has a weird hitbox. It has a three hit combo, where you poke upper, lower and downward, so its more versatile than the spear at the very least. Also, it's reach is longer compared to spear, so use it at a distance.

It has a secondary attack where you spin the polearm in a circular motion, attacking all those around you, but take note this performs pierce damage, not slash damage. It's also weaker than doing a three hit combo so its only useful for keeping others away rather than killing mobs.

To find out which types of enemies you should use each weapon type for, check our guide down below!
Best Weapon Types

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