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Fuling is one of the enemies found in the game Valheim. Learn where to find Fuling, spoils dropped by Fuling, as well as strategy for defeating Fuling and more.

Fuling General Info

Valheim Fuling.png
Behavior Hostile
Health 200
Damage 60~100
Tameable? No
Enemy Spawn Code Goblin

Fuling Locations


Biome Boss
Plains BiomePlains Boss: Yagluth
Vast and hostile biomes that is mostly inhabited by Fulings, Fuling Shamans, and Fuling Berserkers. Also home of the infamous Deathsquito.


This creature does not appear in any Dungeon.


Raid Spawn Conditions
Valheim - FulingFuling Raids Available once you defeat Moder at least once.

Enemy Spawn

If you don't mind using cheats to find it, Fuling can also easily be spawned with the console command.

To spawn the enemy, first turn on cheat codes by typing imacheater in the F5 console, and use the spawn Goblin command to spawn the enemy.

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Fuling Drops

The Fuling creature can drop the following materials. Higher level enemies will typically drop higher quantities of each item.

Item Qty. Drop Rate
Coins Icon Coins Level 1: 5-9
Level 2: 10-18
Level 3: 20-36
Level 1: ~25%
Level 2: ~50%
Level 3: ~100%
Black Metal Scrap Icon Black Metal Scrap Level 1: 1
Level 2: 2
Level 3: 4
Level 1: 100%
Level 2: 100%
Level 3: 100%
Fuling Trophy Icon Fuling Trophy Level 1: 1
Level 2: 1
Level 3: 1
Level 1: ~5%
Level 2: ~5%
Level 3: ~5%

Fuling Battle Strategy

Avoid Getting Swarmed

When you encounter a Fuling, you will mostly see them in groups. The best way to deal with them is to kill them one by one instead or dealing with the whole group at the same time.

Shoot From Afar

The easiest way to kill them one by one is to shoot them with arrows from afar. This allows you to slowly reduce their numbers while being safe from a distance.

Bring Sledges

Weapons like the Stagbreaker and the Iron Sledge deal AOE damage. These weapons can be a great help in killing the Fulings when you think you have reduced their numbers enough for you to survive.

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