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This is a guide on playing multiplayer in Valheim. Read on to learn how to play multiplayer with friends, multiplayer features, and how to create and join a dedicated server!

How to Play Multiplayer

Host a P2P Server

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Hosting a P2P server means that you or one of your friends will be the one that starts the server that everybody else will need to connect to play with each other. Whoever is the host won't have to worry about your ping or lag, but everybody else will experience connection issues if there are any. The server is only up when the host is playing. This is a quick and easy way to play with friends.

P2P Host Steps

These are the steps to host your own P2P server for your friends to join! Just follow these steps from the main menu.

1 Select Start Game then choose your character.
2 From the Start Game tab, choose the world you wish to play in with your friends by selecting any of the worlds you already have or creating a new one.
3 After selecting a world, press the Start Server option to local host.
You can also choose to make your server a community server by selecting the Community Server option. More information on that below.
4 You can then choose to make a password that will be required to connect to your server. Without a password, anybody on your friends list can join it if private. If your server is a community server, anybody that finds it in the community server list can join.
5 Press Start to start your server. Now friends and other players can join you!

Private or Community Server

You can also choose whether or not to have your server a community server. This means that random players online can join it, as long as they have the password or if you did not set one. Not having it set to community will make sure that only your Steam friends can join it.

Join a Server

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We also got you covered if you do not want to host a server and just want to join a friend or any community server. Just be aware that you might experience some connection issues that are caused by the connection of the server's host.

How to Join Steam Friend's Server

1 Select Start Game then choose your character.
2 Choose the Join Game tab to open up the list of servers.
3 Select Friends to bring up the list of servers hosted by your friends on Steam.
4 Choose the server you wish to join. Make sure you know the password if it is password protected, otherwise you can't join.

How to Join a Community Server

1 Select Start Game then choose your character.
2 Choose the Join Game tab to open up the list of servers.
3 Select the Community option. You can then use the Filter if you are looking for a specific server.
4 Choose the server you wish to join. Make sure you know the password if it is password protected, otherwise you can't join.

Play on a Dedicated Server

Another method to hosting a server is hosting a dedicated server. This method will require more time and resources to set up, but once you have it up, it can provide your and your friends have a server 24/7. This can mean you and your friends can hop in and out of the server regardless of your schedules! More information on dedicated server below!

How to Make a Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server Requirements

You will want your friend with the beefiest PC and fastest internet to be one hosting the server. Having multiple players play on the same server can be taxing, and if you use a weaker PC, there can be a limit of the number of players before the game becomes unplayable. The more players you will have on your server the beefier the PC required.

Good internet is also a must-have if you are going to be hosting a server. The host's internet connection is going to be the one that determines the connection speed of everybody else. If you have bad internet then everybody else will suffer from some connection issues.

Pay For a Hosting Service

If neither you or your friends wish to host a server, then you can pay for a hosting service instead! This means none of you will have to worry about having a machine on all the time or upgrading your machines to run it. It will cost you depending on the service but can be the solution to your hosting needs!

Hosting a Dedicated Server

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Making a dedicated server for is easy as the tools needed are all on Steam already! Follow our steps to setup your own server!

1 Open Steam then go to Library, and select Tools on the drop down menu then search for Valheim Dedicated Server and download it.
2 Once you have downloaded it, right-lick on steam, click on Manage > Browse local files to open up the folder containing the files.
Note: You can read the Valheim Dedicated Server Manual inside the folder for more help.
3 Right click on the start_headless_server.bat and edit it using Notepad or anything else similar. Here you will edit somethings to setup your server. In the file you will find the line "valheim_server -nographics -batchmode -name "My server" -port 2456 -world "Dedicated" -password "secret"."
4 Replace "My server" with whatever you wish to name the server. Change "Dedicated" to what you want your world name to be or to the name of the world you already have on your PC. And change "secret" to whatever you password you want,. Just make sure it is more than 6 characters and does not contain the server or world name. Save when done.
5 After editing the file, copy it and rename it if you wish. You will be running the server from the bat file so create a shortcut to the desktop too for convenience. When the game updates it will remove your edits, needing you to do it again. Making a copy will save you time.
6 This is enough for a local network to connect to the dedicated server. If you wish others outside your local network, you will need to port forward and make sure the firewall lets the ports through. Port forward to 2456-2458 TCP/UDP.
Note: Forwarding your ports will look different depending on your router and some ISPs do not allow port forwarding until you get permission from them.
7 If you did your steps right your friends should be able to join your dedicated server!

How to Join a Dedicated Server

Join Through Steam's Server List

Server List.png

1 Open the server list through the Steam client. Select View > Servers to open it.
2 Go to the Favorites tab and select Add Server.
3 You will need to get the external IP address from the host. Type in "IP Address:Port", replacing ip address and port.
4 Click on Add Address to Favorites. Now you can go to your favorites to find the server whenever you want to connect.
5 Select the server and press connect. Input the password when prompted and you should be good to go!

Multiplayer Features

Co-op with Friends

When playing multiplayer Valheim, it still plays the same as if you played solo but with more people! That means you can get more done in shorter amount of time. You can split up tasks among yourselves or tackle them all together. Its up to you and who you play with!

You can PvP

One of the only difference with playing solo is the ability to PvP. You have the choice to turn it on and it will allow other players to do damage to you. This can make it so that you and your friends can duke it out if you wish to, but also give you the option to not participate as long as you do not set PvP on.

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