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This is a guide on how to fish in Valheim. If you want to know how to get the fishing rod and how to use them to get raw fish, read on!

Fishing in Valheim

Consistent Source of Food

Cooking Raw Fish

Raw Fish is a consistent source of food in Valheim. It can be grilled by itself on the Cooking Station then cooked in a Cauldron to get Fish Wraps.

Food Recipe
Cooked Fish ImageCooked Fish Raw Fish x1

How to Fish in Valheim

1 Get a Fishing Rod.
2 Look for a shore or riverbank with plenty of fish.
3 Equip your fishing rod and cast your line using Left Click. Hold to cast further in exchange for stamina.
4 Right Click when the fish bites or when the bob dips. This needs proper timing to execute!
5 Continue holding or tapping Right Click and run inwards towards land to drag the fish out of the water.
6 Once the fish is on land you can now pick the fish

Acquire the Fishing Rod

The fishing rod is not craftable in the game but can only be acquired from Haldor the Trader. Look for him and purchase a Fishing Rod with Coins!

Haldor the Trader: Where to Find and What He Sells

Look for Shores with Plenty of Fish

After buying the fishing rod, go to any body of water and look for a school of fish. This increases your chances of catching them!

Cast Your Line

Cast Your Line

Afterward, equip your fishing rod and cast your line by pressing left-click. You may also hold the button to cast your line farther in exchange for stamina.

Use Fishing Baits

Fishing Bait

To increase your odds even further, we recommend getting fish baits. These can be acquired from Haldor the Trader the same way as the fishing rod. The game will automatically use one fishing bait per cast as long as you have them in your inventory!

Use Right Click When the Bob Dips

When the fishing bob dips, this means the fish is trying to bite on your bait! When this happens, press right click immediately to Hook the fish. Afterward, run inland and get your catch of Raw Fish!

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