Taming Guide: How to Tame Boars and Animals

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This is a guide to taming boars and all other types of animals in Valheim. Learn the best method for taming boars and other animals, the benefits of taming animals, and which animals cannot be tamed.

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How To Tame Animals

Build A Pen

Valheim Taming Boars Build A Pen.png
First off, build a pen. The best material for the job will depend on the animal. Boars will have a tough time breaking roundpole fences while wolves can easily tear through them. It's also advisable that you build it far away from campfires as they seem to be afraid of fire. Make sure the pen has an opening for you to enter and lure the animal through.

Find the Animal in Their Respective Biomes

After building your pen you will need to find the animal you will want to tame. Each of the animals you can tame can always be found in their respective biomes. Head to the biome and wander around until you find them.

Animal Biome
Boar Meadows Biome
Wolf Mountain Biome
Lox Plains Biome

List of Biomes

Boar Runestones are a reliable place to find boars. The runestone will keep on spawning boars if you end up killing them.

Lure the Animal Into the Pen

After finding the animal you wish to tame, allow it to aggro onto you by getting near them. Make sure you don't have a torch equipped because they may be afraid of fire. Once the animal is deep in your pen, close the pen with fences and jump out of it.

Feed the Animal

Throw food into the pen. Each animal will eat different types of food. Eventually, when you're a distance away, the animal will eat food. You will know it's eating when yellow hearts pop up above its head. You will want to be near the boars for them to eat the food. Too far away and they will not be eating and not progress the taming process.

Animal Food
Boars Mushrooms
Wolves Raw Meat
Neck Tail
Raw Fish
Lox Barley

Check Status

Getting close to the boar will show you its status at the moment. There are 4 states it can be in. If you are taming it, you will want it in the acclimatizing state, by giving it food when it is in the hungry state.

State Behaviour
Hungry In this state it will eat any food you drop for it. It will not acclimitize or breed while hungry.
Frightened When fightened it will run around wildly and try to attack anything it thinks as an enemy. It will not eat while frightened.
Acclimatizing It has eaten something you have dropped. The more you feed it the closer it is to being tamed.
Happy This is when the boar is finally tamed and fed. In this state your board will breed when it can.

Tamed After Reaching 100% Acclimatizing

Every time the animal eats, its acclimatizing status increases. Once it reaches 100% it will become tamed!
Valheim Taming Guide Tameness.jpg
You can check its progress by aiming at it, and you will see the percentage until it gets tamed.
Valheim Taming Boar Boar Loves You.jpg
Once you finished taming the boar, you'll get a notification saying Boar loves you.

Issues With Taming an Animal

Fire prevents animals from being tamed

Make sure there are no nearby sources of fire and be sure not to approach them with fire. Fire will scare boars and put them in a frightened state. If they stay frightened they will not eat the food you drop them and will not increase the tamed percent. Even the fire in your house (if close enough) will frighten the boars. Keep their pen as far as from any sources of fire!

Which Animals Can Be Tamed?

Only a few animals for now

At the moment only boars, wolves, and Lox can be tamed. More creatures or animals may be able to be tamed in future updates! We'll keep this guide updated so come back soon for any updates!

Tameable Boars
Non-Tameable Deer

Benefits of Taming

Allows you to breed animals

If you have two tames animals, they can breed with each other and produce more of the same animal. Eventually, you'll have enough of the animal to have a reliable source of materials without hunting them.

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