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A new update is available for Valheim! See the patch notes below.

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This is a guide on the Available Platforms for Valheim. Learn if it will be coming to Xbox, PS4, or Switch and what other platforms is it currently available on!

Valheim Release For PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

No Plans for Console Release

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At the time of writing this, the official Valheim website has stated that they have no plans on releasing Valheim on any of the console platforms, such as Xbox One, PS4, and Switch on their FAQs. The chances are pretty slim, especially as they are focusing on completing the game as it is an Early Access title. But they not ruling out the possibility of bringing Valheim to consoles in the future.

All we can do is hope that the high sales and great demand for it will put console release on their roadmap in the future.

Available Platforms

Steam on PC

The only platform Valheim is currently available is on PC. It is available on the Steam store as an Early Access game. What is Early Access? It means that the game is available to buy in an early Alpha or Beta state with incomplete content and features, and is going to be updated constantly.


Just like most games, Valheim is a Windows playable game. Just like every other game on Steam, you should have no issues running on Windows, so long as your computer has the right specs for it.

Recommended Computer Specs


Rejoice Linux users, an up-and-coming title that runs on Linux is here! Unlike a lot of games available on PC, Valheim can run on Linux, so Linux users won't need to use emulation just to enjoy this game!

Valheim Crossplay

Windows and Linux

As of now, there are no other platforms besides Windows and Linux to play Valheim on. Fortunately, these platforms can play with each other. Whether or not the host server is on Linux or on Windows, any of the platforms can play with each other!

How to Play Multiplayer

Valheim Related Guides

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Valheim News and Updates

Patch Notes

Update History and How to Update

List of Previous Patch Notes
0.148.7 0.148.6
0.147.3 0.146.8

Upcoming Updates

List of Planned Updates
Update Schedule and Roadmap
Update 1:
Hearth and Home
Update 2:
Cult of the Wolf
Update 3:
Ships and the Sea
Update 4:

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