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This is a guide on the damage mechanics and damage types of Valheim. Read more to learn general information, differences between the damage types, and more!

Valheim's Damage Mechanics

Skill Proficiency

Valheim (Damage Mechanics) - Max Base damage & Actual Damage.png

Image was taken with level 25 Polearms skill.

Skill Level affects your weapon's min-max damage range!

Orange damage values indicate a weapon's maximum base damage. This can be achieved by raising the weapon's corresponding skill to 100.

Yellow damage values (Parenthesized) indicate a weapon's current damage range based on your skill rating. This gradually improves as you increase the corresponding skill for a weapon.

Furthermore, these base damages can be amplified by other damage bonuses such as Parrying and Backstabs

Take note that Block Power also follows this format with the Blocking skill level.

Resistances and Weaknesses

Resistant Neutral Effective
Valheim - Resistant Damage Zoomed.png Valheim - Neutral Damage Zoomed.png Valheim - Effective Damage Zoomed.png

Monsters in Valheim have their own resistances and vulnerabilities to certain damage types.

Neutral damage values are displayed as White. This means that the monster you struck is neither resistant or weak to the damage type you dealt.

Resistant damage values are displayed as Gray. As the term suggest, this indicates that the damage type dealt is ineffective against the monster.

Effective damage values are displayed as Yellow, and indicates that the monster that you attacked is especially weak against that damage type.


Regular Block Parry
Valheim - Regular Block.gif Valheim - Parry.gif

Parrying doubles your next attack after blocking an enemy's attack just before it connects. Take note that a shield is not required to perform a parry in Valheim.

Read more about Valheim's Parrying Mechanic by checking our guide below:
How to Parry: Parry Force and Parry Bonus Explained

Backstab Bonus

Valheim - Backstab Damage.gif
Backstab Bonus is applied whenever you attack an unsuspecting enemy from stealth. The damage is determined by your weapon's skill-based damage rating (Yellow Parenthesized value) multiplied by its Backstab Bonus.

It is important to note that Knives have the highest backstab bonuses in the game.

Physical Damage Types


Slash damage is mostly present in Axes, Swords, and Knives.

Effective Against: None
Weak Against: Blobs
Stone Golems


Blunt damage is mostly present in Clubs, Maces, and Sledge Hammers.

Effective Against: Blobs
Rancid Remains
Weak Against: Trolls


Pierce damage is typically found in all types of Arrows, Spears, and Atgeirs.

Effective Against: Trolls
Weak Against: Blobs
Stone Golems (Except with Pickaxes)
Rancid Remains

Elemental Damage Types


Frost is an elemental damage type in Valheim that applies the Freezing Debuff on enemies on impact. This debuff slows enemies' movements and stamina regeneration for the entire duration.

Effective Against: Blobs
Weak Against: Lox
Rancid Remains
Stone Golems


Spirit damage is a special elemental damage type in Valheim that only applies to Undead type monsters such as Wraiths, Skeletons, and Draugrs

Applicable Against: Skeletons
Rancid Remains
Draugr Elite
Non-Applicable Against: Every living monster or creature.


Poison is an elemental damage type in Valheim that is mostly effective against Living monsters or creatures.

Applicable Against: Serpents
Fuling Shamans
Fuling Berserkers
Non-Applicable Against: Skeletons
Rancid Remains
Draugr Elite
Stone Golems


Fire is the most accessible elemental damage in Valheim because it is present in tools and weapons such as Torches and Fire Arrows.

Effective Against: Ghosts
The Elder
Weak Against: Leeches

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