List of Helmets and How to Craft All Helmets

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This is a list of Helmets in the game Valheim. Learn how to craft each Helmets and the stats of each of them.

List of Helmets

Item Name Armor Materials Needed
Bronze Helmet ImageBronze Helmet Level 1: 8 Bronze x5
Deer Hide x2
Drake Helmet ImageDrake Helmet Level 1: 20 Silver x20
Wolf Pelt x2
Drake Trophy x1
Dverger Circlet ImageDverger Circlet Level 1: 2 Cannot be crafted.
Hood of Odin ImageHood of Odin Level 1: 1 Cannot be crafted.
Iron Helmet ImageIron Helmet Level 1: 14 Deer Hide x2
Iron x20
Leather Helmet ImageLeather Helmet Level 1: 2 Deer Hide x6
Padded Helmet ImagePadded Helmet Level 1: 26 Iron x10
Linen Thread x15
Troll Leather Helmet ImageTroll Leather Helmet Level 1: 6 Bone Fragments x3
Troll Hide x5
Yule Hat ImageYule Hat Level 1: 1 Cannot be crafted.

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List of Armor

All Armor Types

List of Armor by Type
Wolf Armor Chest.pngChest Armor Wolf Armor Legs.pngLeg Armor
Drake Helmet.pngHelmets Wolf Fur Cape.pngCapes

All Armor Sets

List of Armor Sets

List of Armor Sets
Padded Cuirass.pngPadded Armor Wolf Armor Chest.pngWolf Armor Iron Scale Mail.pngIron Armor
Bronze Plate Cuirass Icon.pngBronze Armor Troll Leather Tunic.pngTroll Armor Leather Tunic.pngLeather Armor


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