What Happens When You Die?

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This is a guide to what happens when you die in Valheim. Read more to find out what happens when you die and how to recover from it!

What Happens When You Die?

Respawn At Bed

Valheim Respawn At Bed.JPG
When you die, you respawn at the last bed you interacted with. If you do not have a bed, you will respawn at the starting summoning circle, so make sure to build a bed as soon as possible!

Items Get Dropped

Valheim Grave.JPG
Upon death, you will drop all your items and respawn without anything. If you die, you drop a tombstone at your death location that you can interact with. In it, you'll find all your items. When you die, you'll find a mark on the map indicating your last tombstone location.

Experience Loss

When you die, you'll lose 5% of all your experience. After you die, you'll have a small window of time when you die wherein you will not lose experience upon death to prevent death loops.

Dying Without Retrieving Gear

If you die again before you can retrieve your gear, your first tombstone does not disappear, but it will no longer be marked on the map. You will have to mark your first tombstone's location if you want to keep track of it.

Dying At Sea

When you die in the middle of the sea, your tombstone floats at your death location.

Buffs from Death

Corpse Run Buff

When you reach your tombstone and get all your items inside you will gain the Corpse Run buff! This buff will reduce your stamina reduction for running and jumping. You will also receive a significant damage reduction while the buff is active! The buff does not active if you leave any items in your tombstone.

Buff Effect
Corpse Run ・75% Run Stamina Reduction
・75% Jump Stamina Reduction
・Damage Reduction

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