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This is an article about all the iron weapons in Valheim. If you want to check out how to craft all of them, read on!

List of Iron Weapons

Item Name Crafting Station Type Materials Needed
Huntsman Bow ImageHuntsman Bow Forge (Lv. 1) Deer Hide x10
Feathers x2
Iron x20
Banded Shield ImageBanded Shield Forge (Lv. 2) Fine Wood x
Iron x8
Battleaxe ImageBattleaxe Forge (Lv. 2) Ancient Bark x30
Iron x35
Leather Scraps x4
Iron Atgeir ImageIron Atgeir Forge (Lv. 2) Iron x30
Leather Scraps x30
Wood x10
Iron Axe ImageIron Axe Forge (Lv. 2) Iron x20
Leather Scraps x2
Wood x4
Iron Mace ImageIron Mace Forge (Lv. 2) Iron x20
Leather Scraps x3
Wood x4
Iron Pickaxe ImageIron Pickaxe Forge (Lv. 2) Core Wood x3
Iron x20
Iron Sledge ImageIron Sledge Forge (Lv. 2) Ancient Bark x10
Iron x30
Ymir Flesh x4
Iron Sword ImageIron Sword Forge (Lv. 2) Iron x20
Leather Scraps x3
Wood x2
Iron Tower Shield ImageIron Tower Shield Forge (Lv. 2) Fine Wood x15
Iron x10
Ironhead Arrow ImageIronhead Arrow Forge (Lv. 2) Feathers x2
Iron x1
Wood x8
Ancient Bark Spear ImageAncient Bark Spear Forge (Lv. 3) Ancient Bark x10
Iron x10
Troll Hide x4
Serpent Scale Shield ImageSerpent Scale Shield Forge (Lv. 3) Fine Wood x10
Iron x4
Serpent Scale x8
Silver Sword ImageSilver Sword Forge (Lv. 3) Iron x5
Leather Scraps x3
Silver x40
Wood x2
Porcupine ImagePorcupine Forge (Lv. 4) Fine Wood x5
Iron x20
Linen Thread x10
Needle x5

How to Craft Iron Weapons

Get Scrap Iron and Smelt Them to Iron

List of Iron Weapons and How to Get and Craft - How to Craft Iron Weapons

You can get iron by smelting scrap iron mined in muddy scrap piles in crypts using a Pickaxe. This area is full of enemies that can poison you so bring a Poison Resist Mead!

How to Smelt Iron

Craft Your Forge and Upgrade

List of Iron Weapons and How to Get and Craft - Craft and Upgrade Your Forge

Iron is a metal found in the midgame so you should already have a Forge and capabilities to upgrade it.

If you want to know how to upgrade your Forge, check out our guide!

How to Build and Upgrade the Forge

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