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This is a guide to all the Cheats and Console Commands in Valheim. Learn how to open the console, how to use debug mode, how to spawn all items and other game elements, and how to use the cheats and non-cheat commands in the game.

How to Enable Cheats

How to Enable the Console

Ever wondered why Valheim's console suddenly stopped working? As of Patch 0.148.6, Valheim's debug console is now disabled by default.

Below is a step-by-step breakdown of how to enable it through steam's launcher:

Start by right clicking Valheim in your games list and selecting Properties.
Look for the Launch Options section in the General tab. Type -console inside the Launch Options box.
Open Valheim and head to your server. The debug console can now be opened by pressing F5.

How to Enable and Use Cheats

As of Patch 0.148.6, Iron Gate AB replaced the console command for enabling cheat and dev commands from imacheater to devcommands. Below is a step-by-step breakdown of how to enable cheats and developer commands in Valheim:

Open your console and type devcommands inside.
A confirmation and warning will shortly appear on your console after entering the code. These texts indicate that you are now able to use cheats and console commands in your server.

Cheat Codes and Console Command List

Character Cheats

Command Description
hair Make your Viking bald.
beard Shaves your Viking's beard.
raiseskill [skill] [level] Raises any skill to a to a certain level. Level is up to 100.
resetskill [skill] Resets a certain skill to level 0.
god Makes you invincible to all damage.
resetcharacter Reset character data.
dpsdebug Allows you to view all DPS onscreen. Great for weapon damage confirmation.
puke Empties your food slots so you can eat again.
ghost Enemies ignore you.
heal Heal to full health.
model 0 or 1 Changes your character's body model to masculine or feminine.

System Cheats

Command Description
debugmode Unlocks new in-game commands.
(see commands)
freefly Enters freefly photo mode.
ffsmooth [0 or any value] Sets freefly smoothness for a more cinematic effect. Set any value other than zero to turn it on.
env Sets debug environment.
Does not seem to have any effect in game.
resetenv Resets the debug environment.
Does not seem to have any effect in game.
save Force saving of world.
setkey [name] Sets a new key with name.
Does not seem to have any effect in game.
resetkeys [name] Clears all the keys registered via setkey.
listkeys Lists down all the keys registered via setkey.
players [number] Sets difficulty scaling to a number of players.
Set to 0 to reset.
spawn [prefabName] [amount] [level] Spawn a given number of specific item, enemy, or other game elements.

World Cheats

Command Description
pos Print the current player position.
goto [x ,z] Teleport to coordinates (x, z) on the map.
You only neeed the x and z position in order to teleport.
exploremap Explore entire map. Removes the fog of war.
This does not show you where Haldor the Trader is.
resetmap Reset map exploration status. Fully returns fog of war.
killall Kill all nearby enemies.
tame Tame all nearby tameable creatures.
Does nothing if they are not tameable.
location Spawn location
tod -1 OR [0-1] Changes the time of day.
0.5 will change to midday and -1 will set it back to default
skiptime [sec] Skips the time for a number of seconds.
wind [angle] [intensity] Sets wind direction and intensity.
Upwards is 0 degrees, and right is 90 degrees up to 360 degrees.
resetwind Resets the wind direction and intensity to default.
event [name] Starts a specific event. (Raids)
stopevent Stops current event. (Raids)
randomevent Starts a random event. (Raids)

Time Cheats

Command Description
location Spawn location
tod -1 OR [0-1] Changes the time of day.
0.5 will change to midday and -1 will set it back to default
skiptime [sec] Skips the time for a number of seconds.
sleep Advances time to the next day.

Event Cheats

Command Description
event [name] Starts a specific event. (Raids)
stopevent Stops current event. (Raids)
randomevent Starts a random event. (Raids)

How to Spawn Items and Creatures

Use the Spawn Cheat and Item Code

How to Spawn.jpg
Items, along with Equipment and even Enemies, can be spawned in Valheim can be created with the spawn cheat. Simply type spawn, the spawn code for the game element to create, and optionally, the number of elements you want to make, and voila!

Example: spawn Copper 10 - make 10 bars of Copper.

Note: Make sure you are inputting the right spawn code if you are having trouble spawning the item. You can use our guide for a list of the exact spawn codes you need!

How to Spawn Items and Creatures

How to Use Debug Mode (Creative Mode)

How to Fly.jpg
Debug Mode, also known as Creative Mode, can be unlocked by typing imacheater -> debugmode in the F5 console.

This will unlock a specific set of additional commands which can be used in-game. You can find the new commands and what they do in our guide below!

How to Use Debug Mode (Creative Mode)

List of Non-Cheat Console Commands

Command Description
kick [name/ip/userID] Kicks the user from the server.
ban [name/ip/userID] Bans a user from the server.
unban [name/ip/userID] Unbans a user from the server.
banned Shows a list of banned users in the server.
ping Pings the server you are currently in.
lodbias [amount] Sets the Level of Detail in the game.
info Shows your computer's system info.
help Shows the available console commands to use.

How to Cheat in Multiplayer

Cannot Be Used on Dedicated Servers

Cheat console commands cannot be used on a dedicated server. Even when playing in single-player, if you join a dedicated server using the Join IP option, you won't be able to use the cheat console commands.

Cheats Can Be Used in Multiplayer

It's still possible to use cheats in a multiplayer world. You'll simply need to select Start Server when loading up your world, and then invite others into the game using the Invite to Game option within the Steam interface.

Once in the game, the host player will be able to use cheats and can share spawned items with other players. That said, even in this setting, only the host player can use cheats, and they won't work for any other players.

Best Cheat Codes to Use

Must Use Cheat Codes

This is the list of the best cheat codes that you can use in Valheim. If you are planning on cheating, you will want to use these cheats.

Cheat Code Effect
spawn With this command you can spawn any enemy, material, item, and weapon.
freefly Will allow you to go into free camera mode. Seperating the camera from your character.
god Makes you invulnerable to all damage.
killall Kill everything in your area.
ghost Makes enemies ignore you until you damage them.
tod Changes the time of day

Best Cheats to Use

What to do When Cheats Not Working

Make Sure Console is Enabled

As of Patch 0.148.6, the console if off by default. You will need to turn it on in the Launch Options as shown above.

Use Devcommands to Enable Cheats

If you have the console activated then you will need to enter a specific command in it to enable cheats. Press F5 and enter Devcommands, once you have done this, you will see a warning that will confirm you can now use cheats!

Make Sure You are the Host

If you are trying to use cheats in Multiplayer, you will have to be the host for a server to be able to use it. If you are not the host or using a dedicated server, you will not be able to use cheats,

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