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This is a guide to all the Cheats and Console Commands in Valheim. Learn how to open the console, how to use debug mode, how to spawn all items and other game elements, and how to use the cheats and non-cheat commands in the game.

How to Open the Console

How to Use Console Commands

To use the console commands on this page, you need to press F5 and enter them in the console.

How to Use Cheats

Some of the console commands are specifically categorized as cheat codes.

To use the cheat console commands, you need to press F5 to open the console, and enter imacheater in the console.

When you see Cheats: True appear in the console, this means that you will now be able to use the cheat console commands.

Cheats and Console Command List

Command Description
debugmode Unlocks new in-game commands (see below).
pos Print the current player position.
goto [x,z] teleport
exploremap explore entire map
resetmap reset map exploration
killall kill nearby enemies
tame tame all nearby tameable creatures
hair make you bald
beard shaves your beard
location spawn location
raiseskill [skill] [amount] (to be confirmed)
resetskill [skill] (to be confirmed)
freefly freefly photo mode
ffsmooth freefly smoothness
tod -1 OR [0-1] Changes the time of day (0.5 will change to midday)
env (to be confirmed)
resetenv (to be confirmed)
wind [angle] [intensity] (to be confirmed)
resetwind (to be confirmed)
god Makes you invincible to all damage.
event [name] start event
stopevent stop current event
randomevent (to be confirmed)
save force saving of world
resetcharacter reset character data
removedrops remove all item-drops in area
setkey [name] (to be confirmed)
resetkeys [name] (to be confirmed)
listkeys (to be confirmed)
players [nr] force difficulty scale (0 = reset)
dpsdebug Allows you to view all DPS onscreen. Great for weapon damage confirmation.
puke empties your food
ghost enemies ignore you
sleep fast forwards by 1 day
spawn [prefabName] [amount] [level] Spawn a given number of specific item, enemy, or other game elements.

List of Spawn Items

How to Spawn Items

Items, along with Equipment and even Enemies, can be spawned in Valheim can be created with the spawn cheat. Simply type spawn, the spawn code for the game element to create, and optionally, the number of elements you want to make, and voila!

Example: spawn Copper 10 - make 10 bars of Copper.

Tip: Spawning enemies can be effective for testing out your gear and effective as a kind of pseudo-training mode!

All Material Spawn Codes

All Material Spawn Codes
Item Spawn Code
Amber Amber
Amber Pearl AmberPearl
Ancient Bark ElderBark
Ancient Seed AncientSeed
Barley Barley
Barley Flour BarleyFlour
Barley Wine Base: Fire Resistance BarleyWineBase
Beech Seeds BeechSeeds
Black Metal BlackMetal
Black Metal Scrap BlackMetalScrap
Blob Trophy TrophyBlob
Bloodbag Bloodbag
Blue Mushroom
Boar Trophy TrophyBoar
Bone Fragments BoneFragments
Bonemass Trophy TrophyBonemass
Bronze Bronze
Bronze Nails BronzeNails
Carrot Seeds CarrotSeeds
Chain Chain
Chitin Chitin
Coal Coal
Coins Coins
Cooked Fish
Cooked Lox Meat
Cooked Serpent Meat
Copper Copper
Copper Ore CopperOre
Core Wood RoundLog
Crystal Crystal
Dandelion Dandelion
Deathsquito Trophy TrophyDeathsquito
Deer Hide DeerHide
Deer Trophy TrophyDeer
Dragon Egg DragonEgg
Dragon Tear DragonTear
Drake Trophy TrophyHatchling
Draugr Elite Trophy TrophyDraugrElite
Draugr Trophy TrophyDraugr or TrophyDraugrFem
Eikthyr Trophy TrophyEikthyr
Entrails Entrails
Feathers Feathers
Fenring Trophy TrophyFenring
Fine Wood FineWood
Fir Cone FirCone
Fishing Bait FishingBait
Flametal Flametal
Flametal Ore FlametalOre
Flax Flax
Flint Flint
Freeze Gland FreezeGland
Fuling Berserker Trophy TrophyGoblinBrute
Fuling Shaman Trophy TrophyGoblinShaman
Fuling Totem GoblinTotem
Fuling Trophy TrophyGoblin
Greydwarf Brute Trophy TrophyGreydwarfBrute
Greydwarf Eye GreydwarfEye
Greydwarf Shaman Trophy TrophyGreydwarfShaman
Greydwarf Trophy TrophyGreydwarf
Guck Guck
Hard Antler HardAntler
Iron Iron
Iron Nails IronNails
Iron Ore IronOre
Leather Scraps LeatherScraps
Leech Trophy TrophyLeech
Linen Thread LinenThread
Lox Meat LoxMeat
Lox Pelt LoxPelt
Lox Trophy TrophyLox
Mead Base: Frost Resistance MeadBaseFrostResist
Mead Base: Medium Healing MeadBaseHealthMedium
Mead Base: Medium Stamina MeadBaseStaminaMedium
Mead Base: Minor Healing MeadBaseHealthMinor
Mead Base: Minor Stamina MeadBaseStaminaMinor
Mead Base: Poison Resistance MeadBasePoisonResist
Mead Base: Tasty MeadBaseTasty
Moder Trophy TrophyDragonQueen
Neck Tail NeckTail
Neck Trophy TrophyNeck
Needle Needle
Obsidian Obsidian
Ooze Ooze
Pine Cone PineCone
Queen Bee QueenBee
Rancid Remains Trophy TrophySkeletonPoison
Raw Fish FishRaw
Raw Meat RawMeat
Resin Resin
Ruby Ruby
Scrap Iron IronScrap
Serpent Meat SerpentMeat
Serpent Scale SerpentScale
Serpent Trophy TrophySerpent
Sharpening Stone SharpeningStone
Silver Silver
Silver Necklace SilverNecklace
Silver Ore SilverOre
Skeleton Trophy TrophySkeleton
Stone Stone
Stone Golem Trophy TrophySGolem
Surtling Core SurtlingCore
Surtling Trophy TrophySurtling
Swamp Key CryptKey
The Elder Trophy TrophyTheElder
Thistle Thistle
Tin Tin
Tin Ore TinOre
Troll Hide TrollHide
Troll Trophy TrophyForestTroll or TrophyFrostTroll
Turnip Turnip
Turnip Seeds TurnipSeeds
Withered Bone WitheredBone
Wolf Fang WolfFang
Wolf Pelt WolfPelt
Wolf Trophy TrophyWolf
Wood Wood
Wraith Trophy TrophyWraith
Yagluth Thing YagluthDrop
Yagluth Trophy TrophyGoblinKing
Yellow Mushroom
Ymir Flesh YmirRemains

All Weapon Spawn Codes

All Weapon Spawn Codes
Weapon Spawn Code
Abyssal Harpoon SpearChitin
Abyssal Razor KnifeChitin
Ancient Bark Spear SpearElderbark
Antler Pickaxe PickaxeAntler
Banded Shield ShieldBanded
Battleaxe Battleaxe
Black Metal Shield ShieldBlackmetal
Black Metal Tower Shield ShieldBlackmetalTower
Blackmetal Atgeir AtgeirBlackmetal
Blackmetal Axe AxeBlackMetal
Blackmetal Knife KnifeBlackMetal
Blackmetal Sword SwordBlackmetal
Bronze Atgeir AtgeirBronze
Bronze Axe AxeBronze
Bronze Buckler ShieldBronzeBuckler
Bronze Mace MaceBronze
Bronze Pickaxe PickaxeBronze
Bronze Spear SpearBronze
Bronze Sword SwordBronze
Bronzehead Arrow ArrowBronze
Cheat Sword SwordCheat
Club Club
Copper Knife KnifeCopper
Crude Bow Bow
Cultivator Cultivator
Draugr Fang BowDraugrFang
Dyrnwyn SwordIronFire
Fang Spear SpearWolfFang
Finewood Bow BowFineWood
Fire Arrow ArrowFire
Fishing Rod FishingRod
Flint Axe AxeFlint
Flint Knife KnifeFlint
Flint Spear SpearFlint
Flinthead Arrow ArrowFlint
Frost Arrow ArrowFrost
Frostner MaceSilver
Hammer Hammer
Hoe Hoe
Huntsman Bow BowHuntsman
Iron Atgeir AtgeirIron
Iron Axe AxeIron
Iron Mace MaceIron
Iron Pickaxe PickaxeIron
Iron Shield ShieldIronSquare
Iron Sledge SledgeIron
Iron Sword SwordIron
Iron Tower Shield ShieldIronTower
Ironhead Arrow ArrowIron
Knight Shield ShieldKnight
Mead Horn Of Odin TankardOdin
Needle Arrow ArrowNeedle
Obsidian Arrow ArrowObsidian
Ooze Bomb BombOoze
Poison Arrow ArrowPoison
Porcupine MaceNeedle
Serpent Scale Shield ShieldSerpentscale
Silver Arrow ArrowSilver
Silver Shield ShieldSilver
Silver Sword SwordSilver
Stagbreaker SledgeStagbreaker
Stone Axe AxeStone
Stone Pickaxe PickaxeStone
Tankard Tankard
Torch Torch
Wood Arrow ArrowWood
Wood Shield ShieldWood
Wood Tower Shield ShieldWoodTower

All Armor Spawn Codes

All Armor Spawn Codes
Armor Spawn Code
Bronze Helmet HelmetBronze
Bronze Plate Cuirass ArmorBronzeChest
Bronze Plate Leggings ArmorBronzeLegs
Cape of Odin CapeOdin
Cape Test CapeTest
Deer Hide Cape CapeDeerHide
Drake Helmet HelmetDrake
Dverger Circlet HelmetDverger
Hood of Odin HelmetOdin
Iron Greaves ArmorIronLegs
Iron Helmet HelmetIron
Iron Scale Mail ArmorIronChest
Leather Helmet HelmetLeather
Leather Pants ArmorLeatherLegs
Leather Tunic ArmorLeatherChest
Linen Cape CapeLinen
Lox Cape CapeLox
Megingjord BeltStrength
Padded Cuirass ArmorPaddedCuirass
Padded Greaves ArmorPaddedGreaves
Padded Helmet HelmetPadded
Rag Pants ArmorRagsLegs
Rag Tunic ArmorRagsChest
Troll Hide Cape CapeTrollHide
Troll Leather Helmet HelmetTrollLeather
Troll Leather Pants ArmorTrollLeatherLegs
Troll Leather Tunic ArmorTrollLeatherChest
Wishbone Wishbone
Wolf Armor Chest ArmorWolfChest
Wolf Armor Legs ArmorWolfLegs
Wolf Fur Cape CapeWolf
Yule Hat HelmetYule

All Enemy Spawn Codes

All Enemy Spawn Codes
Enemy Spawn Code
Blob Blob
Blob Elite BlobElite
Boar Boar
Bonemass Bonemass
Crow Crow
Deathsquito Deathsquito
Deer Deer
Drake Hatchling
Draugr Draugr
Draugr (Archer) Draugr_Ranged
Draugr Elite Draugr_Elite
Eikthyr Eikthyr
Fenring Fenring
Fuling Goblin
Fuling (Archer) GoblinArcher
Fuling Berserker GoblinBrute
Fuling Shaman GoblinShaman
Ghost Ghost
Greydwarf Greydwarf
Greydwarf Brute Greydwarf_Elite
Greydwarf Shaman Greydwarf_Shaman
Greyling Greyling
Leech Leech
Leviathan Leviathan
Lox Lox
Moder Dragon
Neck Neck
Piggy Boar_piggy
Rancid Remains Skeleton_Poison
Seagull Seagal
Serpent Serpent
Skeleton Skeleton
Stone Golem StoneGolem
Surtling Surtling
The Elder gd_king
Troll Troll
Wolf Wolf
Wolf Cub Wolf_cub
Wraith Wraith
Yagluth GoblinKing

How to Use Debug Mode (Creative Mode)

Debug Mode, also known as Creative Mode, can be unlocked by typing imacheater -> debugmode in the F5 console.

This will unlock a specific set of additional commands which can be used in-game.

All Debug Mode Commands

Command Description
Z Turns on Flying Mode. In Flying Mode, press Space to ascend, Ctrl to descend, and hold Shift to move faster through the air.
K Kills all enemies in the area.
B Allows you to craft and repair all Items from the Tab-key Crafting Menu for free. All Hammer-crafted Structures can also be placed for free.

List of Non-Cheat Console Commands

Command Description
kick [name/ip/userID] Kicks the user from the server.
ban [name/ip/userID] Bans a user from the server.
unban [name/ip/userID] Unbans a user from the server.
banned Shows a list of banned users in the server.
ping Pings the server you are currently in.
lodbias [amount] Sets the Level of Detail in the game.
info Shows your computer's system info.
help Shows the available console commands to use.

How to Cheat in Multiplayer

Cannot Be Used on Dedicated Servers

Cheat console commands cannot be used on a dedicated server. Even when playing in single-player, if you join a dedicated server using the Join IP option, you won't be able to use the cheat console commands.

Cheats Can Be Used in Multiplayer

It's still possible to use cheats in a multiplayer world. You'll simply need to select Start Server when loading up your world, and then invite others into the game using the Invite to Game option within the Steam interface.

Once in the game, the host player will be able to use cheats and can share spawned items with other players. That said, even in this setting, only the host player can use cheats, and they won't work for any other players.

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