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Do bosses despawn? Read more about this guide to find out if they do and find out more about how bosses work.

What Are Bosses?

Valheim What Are Bosses
Bosses are strong solo enemies that you encounter all along the world of Valheim. They are the Forsaken, those you are tasked to kill by Odin.

Each boss drops something important that gives you access to higher level gear of the game, so its imperative that you beat them in order to progress.

Boss Progression and Drops

Boss Drops Gives Access To
Eiktyhr Hard Antler Copper and Tin Ores (via Pickaxe)
The Elder Swamp Key Iron Ores (in Swamp Crypts)
Bonemass Wishbone Silver (buried in mountains)
Moder Dragon Tears Higher Level Crafting Stations
Yagluth TBA TBA

Do Bosses Despawn?

No, They Do Not

Unfortunately, bosses do not despawn once summoned. However, don't worry about running into them unprepared as they only spawn when summoned.

If you do however accidentally spawn them, you have no choice but to beat them, but they won't chase you til the ends of the earth so don't worry if they kill you.

To find out how to summon each boss, check our list of boss guides down below!
Boss Guides | How to Beat All Bosses

Do Bosses Regenerate Health?

Yes, They Do

Valheim Boss Health Bar.png
Bosses regenerate health over time once no player is in their vicinity. To know if you're in their vicinity, you should see the health bar in the center top of your screen.

Make sure to always have a bed or portal closeby to get back into the fight quickly, or if you're with friends, make sure at least one of you remains alive!

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