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Leviathans are ocean-dwelling giants found in the game Valheim. Read on to know general information, possible locations, dropped loot, and more!

What are Leviathans?

Valheim Leviathan.png
Behavior Passive
Tameable? No
Enemy Spawn Code Leviathan

Leviathans are massive creatures that resemble small islands out in the Ocean biome. These gentle giants are docile inhabitants of deep water, and will not retaliate even if you poke or shoot at them.

Abyssal Barnacles

Leviathan - .png
Leviathans have special mining deposits on its back called Abyssal Barnacles. These can be mined for Chitin using any Pickaxe.

They are currently the only source of Chitin in the game so always bring a Pickaxe whenever you are out at sea!

Leviathan Locations: How to Find a Leviathan?

Leviathans can only be seen within Ocean Biomes — Use a Karve or Longship to navigate these deep waters.

Look for peculiar small islands that remain unmarked on your map even if you travelled next to it. If you see Abyssal Barnacles on its surface, it's a Leviathan!

Do Leviathans Respawn?

It is currently unclear whether Leviathans respawn or not — Or if they can be killed in the first place! Interactions with this beast currently suggest that they simply resurface to another spot in the Ocean after triggering its sinking animation.

The sinking animation has a chance of happening every time you strike at one of its Abyssal Barnacles with a Pickaxe.

How to Mine Abyssal Barnacles

1 Valheim - How to mine Abyssal Barnacles step 1.pngStart by approaching the Leviathan with your boat. Remember where your boat is docked at all times!
2 Valheim - How to mine Abyssal Barnacles step 2.pngHop aboard the giant creature and start mining away at its Abyssal Barnacles.
3 Kraken Submerging.gifThe Leviathan has a chance to perform its sinking animation with each strike at one of its Abyssal Barnacles. Always be ready to jump back into your boat when this happens!

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