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This is part two of our Walkthrough and Progression Guide for Valheim. Read on to learn important tips and strategies to master the Black Forest and its boss, The Elder!

Preparing for the Black Forest: List of Key Objectives

Step Key Objectives
1 Craft an Antler Pickaxe
2 Gather Surtling Cores from Burial Chambers
3 Build a Charcoal Kiln and Smelter in your Base
4 Mine Copper and Tin Ores
5 Build a Forge in your Base
6 Craft Bronze Tools, Weapons, and Armor
7 Gather Fine and Core Wood
8 Upgrade your Workbench and Forge

Craft an Antler Pickaxe

Defeating Eikthyr rewards you and your allies with Hard Antlers. Picking this item up for the first time unlocks the crafting recipe of the Antler Pickaxe, which can be used to mine Copper and Tin Ores in the Black Forest biome. Make sure you craft this first before venturing into these dangerous woods!

Gather Surtling Cores from Burial Chambers

Burial Chambers are dungeons that are scattered throughout the Black Forest. These dungeons feature long and narrow hallways that are filled with treasure and enemies such as Skeletons and Ghosts.

Explore these dungeons and gather Surtling Cores either out in the open or within chests. These cores are a key component in the construction of a Charcoal Kiln and Smelter for your base — Make sure you bring an extra torch!

Build a Charcoal Kiln and Smelter in your Base

Once you've gathered at least 10 Surtling Cores, it's time to build a Charcoal Kiln and Smelter in your base!

Charcoal Kilns burn Wood, Fine Wood, and Core Wood to produce Coal, which is used as fuel for the Smelter when refining various ores into metals such as Copper and Tin.

Mine Copper and Tin Ores

Mining Copper Ores Mining Tin Ores

Search the Black Forest with your handy Antler Pickaxe for Copper and Tin Ore Deposits.

Copper deposits are found almost anywhere within these dark woods and can be distinguished by their metallic streaks.

Tin deposits, on the other hand, are only found along bodies of water within the Black Forest biome. Keep an eye out for them along streams, rivers, and shorelines!

Build a Forge in your Base

Smelt six Copper Ores in your newly-built Smelter and build a Forge in your base afterward. This crafting station is used in the creation, repair, and upgrade of various metal tools, weapons, and armor.

Craft Bronze Tools, Weapons, and Armor

With the Forge ready in your base, it's time to ditch your Leather Armor for some metal!

Start off by crafting Bronze in the Forge. It is recommended that you build the full Bronze Armor Set, along with either a Bronze Sword or Axe for the upcoming boss fight with The Elder.

Click the button below to see all available items for the Forge:
List of Forge Items

Gather Core and Fine Wood

Fine Wood from Birch / Oak Trees Core Wood from Pine Trees

Now that you have better gear and a Bronze Axe, you can gather Core and Fine wood. Both of which are required to craft a lot of new recipes that can make things easier for you. You can craft a portal to help with traveling back and forth, a cart to haul more materials from one place to another, a fermenter to process mead, furniture to increase comfort, and other items/structures!

Fine Wood can be gathered by using Bronze Axe or better to cut down Birch trees found in the Meadow Biome and the Core Wood can be gather by cutting down Pine trees with Stone Axe or better in the Black Forest Biome.

Upgrade your Workbench and Forge

Upgrading workbench and forge.jpg
Even with your Bronze equipment and weapons, The Elder can still give you trouble. To ensure you have the best chances against the boss its best if you upgrade your Workbench and Forge. This will allow you to upgrade your equipment and weapons and give you the edge you'll need for the fight against The Elder.

Here are the Forge and Workbench upgrades you can get before fighting The Elder.

Workbench Forge
Adze Forge Cooler

How to Build and Upgrade the Workbench

Preparing for the Black Forest: List of Side Objectives

Priority Side Objectives
★★★ Gather three Ancient Seeds
★★★ Gather Thistle, Blueberries, and Yellow Mushrooms
★★★ Upgrade your Bronze Armor & Weapons
★★★ Keep an eye out for The Trader
★★★ Look for one of The Elder's Vegvisirs
★★★ Stock up on Fire Arrows
★★★ Defend your Base against Raids
★★ Build a Cart
★★ Build a Karve
★★ Craft a Stagbreaker
★★ Craft a Fermenter
★★ Fortify your Base

Gather Three Ancient Seeds

Valheim (Walkthrough & Progression) - Gather Three Ancient Seeds.png

Priority Level: ★★★

Ancient Seeds are obtained by either destroying Greydwarf Nests or killing Greydwarf Brutes in the Black Forest biome. Three seeds are required to summon Valheim's second boss, The Elder.

Gather Thistle, Blueberries, and Yellow Mushrooms

Priority Level: ★★★

The Black Forest is the only biome to gather essential crafting items such as Thistle, Blueberries, and Yellow Mushrooms.

These items are used for crafting various important Mead such as Frost, Healing, and Stamina Mead later on — Make sure you make the most out of your time in these dangerous woods by stocking up on these items!

Upgrade your Bronze Armor & Weapons

Priority Level: ★★★

It's always better to be safe than sorry! Take the time to upgrade your Bronze Armor, Tools, and Weapons. This will make your time in the Black Forest and your boss fight against The Elder a lot easier.

Keep an Eye Out for The Trader

Priority Level: ★★★

Haldor, The Trader is a mysterious NPC in Valheim who sells a variety of goods for Coin and is only seen within Black Forest biomes.

Learn more about Haldor, The Trader by clicking on the button below:
Haldor the Trader Guide

Look for One of The Elder's Vegvisirs

Priority Level: ★★★

The Elder's Vegvisirs are located within the Black Forest and Burial Chambers. Always keep an eye out for these special runestones to mark one of its summoning altars in your map!

Stock up on Fire Arrows

Priority Level: ★★★

Fire Arrows apply the Burning Debuff to enemies and are amazing against The Elder. Consider stocking up on these to make the boss fight a lot easier!

Defend your Base against Raids

Priority Level: ★★★

A new raid party is unlocked at this point of the walkthrough since you've already defeated Eikthyr in the Meadows.

Click the button below for our guide on Raid mechanics and a list of possible raids:
List of Raids: How do Raids Work?

Build a Cart

Priority Level: ★★

You will need a lot of Tin ore and even more Copper ore to make enough Bronze to craft the equipment you need. These ores can be heavy and portals can't be teleported with, this can make it so that you can only carry a limited amount with you. Crafting a Cart can remedy this! You can load plenty of ores onto it, allowing you to carry plenty of ore in a single round trip. This can significantly speed up the mining process!

It can also be used to move over a bunch of material to build a new base or outpost!

How to Build and Use Cart

Build a Karve

Priority Level: ★★

It is entirely possible for The Elder's summoning altar to be on the other side of the world. Prepare for the worst and build a Karve in case you need to sail the seas to fight it!

Craft a Stagbreaker

Priority Level: ★★

The Stagbreaker is an excellent weapon for clearing groups of enemies. Consider crafting one to easily deal with those pesky Greydwarves and Skeletons!

Craft a Fermenter

Priority Level: ★★

A fermenter is not necessary in order to proceed, but this can greatly help you adventuring and fighting the Elder. After making it, you will be able to craft meads. Potions that can help you in combat or travelling. You will need Fine Wood, Bronze, and Resin to make it.

How to Build a Fermenter

Fortify your Base

Priority Level: ★★

Having access to a Bronze Axe means that you can start making structures that need Core Wood. Consider fortifying your base with these new building options to have an easier time when defending your base against Raids.

How to Summon and Defeat The Elder

Valheim (The Elder) - Big Stomp.png
Once you've cleared all of the Key Objectives above and gathered at least three Ancient Seeds, it's time to fight Valheim's second boss!

Click the button below for our in-depth guide against The Elder:
The Elder Boss Guide

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