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Valheim - Black Forest Biome

This is a guide to the Black Forest Biome found in Valheim. Read on to learn what enemies appear in the Black Forest Biome, available resources, dungeons, and more!

What are Black Forest Biomes?

Second More Difficult Biome

This is going to be the second biome you will encounter in your viking adventure! You will find resources and materials that are going to help you get better gear and equipment, but be careful as you will also be facing greater dangers.Check out our guide on progressing through the Black Forest biome below!
The Black Forest and The Elder Guide

Better Materials but Stronger Enemies

What are Black Forest Biomes
The Black Forest are biomes that are stark contrasts to the Meadows biomes!

It is recommended that you prepare your equipment in the Meadows first before venturing into these woods, as it is home to a variety of aggressive creatures such as Greydwarves, Skeletons, Trolls.

These particular biomes are currently the only sources of Copper Ores, Tin Ores, and Core Wood in the game. Surtling Cores, Greydwarf Eyes, Bone Fragments can also be obtained from these woods — provided you can deal with its deadly inhabitants!

The Black Forest is also home to Valheim's second boss, The Elder. Click the button below for more information:
The Elder Boss Guide

Black Forest Points of Interest

Stone Towers

These are tall towers found in the Black Forest Bioime. They are usually surrounded by enemies and contain a chest at the highest point!


You can what looks like a wrecked ship along the shores of the Black Forest. You can check inside of the wreckages for any valuable loot!

Small Ruins

There are what looks like a ruined remains of a building, with only a few walls remaining. There is usually a chest with valuables found inside the ruins, but watch out as there are enemies guarding it too!

Haldor the Merchant Trader

You can find the only Merchant in the game in the Black Forest. Once you find him, you can trade coins for items with him. It can be tough to find him, check out our guide to help you locate him and get rare items.
Merchant Guide

Abandoned Outpost

There are also abandoned outposts found in the Black Forest. They are tall stone structures. They contain chests with valuables and are surrounded by Greydwarfs!

Enemies Found in Black Forest

Enemy Drops
Crow Feathers
Deer Raw Meat
Deer Hide
Deer Trophy
Greydwarf Stone
Greydwarf Eye
Greydwarf Trophy
Greydwarf Brute Stone
Greydwarf Eye
Greydwarf Brute Trophy
Ancient Seed
Greydwarf Shaman Wood
Greydwarf Eye
Greydwarf Shaman Trophy
Seagull Feathers
Skeleton Bone Fragments
Skeleton Trophy
The Elder Swamp Key
The Elder Trophy
Troll Troll Hide
Troll Trophy

Black Forest Available Resources

Blueberries Can be gathered from the Black Forest Biome.
Carrot Seeds Obtained in the wild or planting Carrots using the Cultivator.
Copper Ore Mined from Copper Deposits in Black Forest Biomes.
Core Wood Chop Pine trees in the Black Forest biome.
Mushroom Can be gathered from the Meadows Biome or the Black Forest Biome
Resin Enemy Drop from Greydwarves or obtained by chopping trees.
Stone Picked up from the ground or mined from rocks using a pickaxe.
Surtling Core Obtained from Burial Chambers and Surtlings.
Thistle Scattered around the world especially the Black Forest biome.
Tin Ore Mined from Tin Deposits in Black Forest biomes.
Wood Obtained by chopping trees or from picking up branches on the ground.
Yellow Mushroom Can be gathered from dungeons.

Dungeons Found in Black Forest

Burial Chambers

Valheim (Dungeons) - Burial Chambers.png
Burial Chambers can be identified by their two possible entrances:

  • A small stone structure guarded by Skeletons.
  • A downward flight of stairs guarded by Skeletons.

These particular dungeons are primarily guarded by Skeletons both inside and out, but they can also be home to Ghosts and Rancid Remains.

Burial Chambers are great sources of Surtling Cores early on as they can appear inside chests or out in the open within these dungeons.

Troll Caves

Valheim (Dungeons) - Troll Cave.png
Troll Caves, as the term suggest, are single-room dungeons that are inhabited by Trolls. Their large entrances are made of stone with piles of bones located at the front.

These particular dungeons are great sources of Trader-related items such as Coins, Rubies, Amber Pearls, and Amber.

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