Moder Boss Guide: How to Summon and Beat the Fourth Boss

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This is a boss battle guide on how to summon and beat Moder, the 4th boss of Valheim. Read on to find out what you need to summon Moder, its attack patterns, and how to beat it!

Moder General Info

Valheim Moder.png
Behavior Hostile
Health 7500
Damage ・85~110 Claw Swipe
・100-115 Bite
・165~200 Frost Beam
・170-200 Frost Shards
Weakness Fire
Tameable? No
Enemy Spawn Code Dragon

Moder's Location

Activate Moder's Vegvisir

Moder's Vegvisirs are usually located in derelict buildings within Mountain biomes. Look for structures that are heavily guarded by Skeletons or Draugrs — There's a good chance that whichever place their guarding has one of Moder's Vegvisirs within them!

Find the Runed Platform

Valheim How to Summon Moder Runed Platform.jpg

Activating Moder's Vegvisir will reveal one of its Runed Platforms on your map. These are found within Mountain biomes.

How to Summon Moder

Place Three Dragon Eggs

Valheim How to Summon Moder 2.jpg

Hint "Sacrifice her spawn."

Place a Dragon Egg on each of the three bowls, then activate the altar to summon Moder.

You'll find Dragon Eggs in Dragon Nests within the Mountains. You'll be able to find them through the purple glow they emit. These are very heavy so it's recommended you transfer them via Cart.
How to Farm Dragon Eggs

How To Prepare for Moder's Fight

Stock Up On Healing Mead

Valheim Moder Boss Guide Stock Up On Food and Potions.jpg
As with any boss, it's a good idea to stock up on food and health potions before the fight. At this point you should have access to Medium Healing Mead for potions.

Bring Frost Resist Mead or Equip a Wolf Cape

Valheim Moder Boss Guide Frost Resist.jpg
Moder deals a lot of frost damage, and the mountain deals passive frost damage for the unprepared traveller as well. Bring a Wolf Cape or drink Frost Resistance Mead to resist the mountain's environment and Moder's frost attacks.

Bring a Draugr Fang and a Lot of Arrows

By this level you should have access to a Draugr Fang, or if not the Huntsman Bow. Use a bow to pepper Moder with arrows while she's flying. This will also help you get rid of any pesky drakes that try to interrupt your battle.

For arrows, bring either fire arrows because Moder is weak against fire or poison arrows to deal damage over time. If possible, bring obsidian arrows as well.

Don't Use Blunt Weapons

Valheim (Moder) - Do not use blunt weapons.png
Moder has no weakness, but has a resistance against blunt weapons so if you mainly use blunt weapons, consider using a different weapon.

Ideal Food Combo

For food, a good combo would be Serpent Stew, Turnip Stew, and Sausages.

Item Name How to Get
Can be cooked from the Cauldron with the right ingredients.
Can be cooked from the Cauldron with the right ingredients.
Can be cooked from the Cauldron with the right ingredients.

Moder's Attack Patterns

Flying Frost Shards

Valheim Moder Boss Guide Frost Shards
Moder only has one attack while she is flying where she pauses and shoots down balls of ice.

Upon contact with the ground, the shards deal frost damage and explode into ice shards that block your way. These ice shards are destroyable by weapons.

Take note that these frost shards damage rocks so will obliderate cover.

Frost Beam

Valheim Moder Boss Guide Frost Beam
While on the ground, Moder will charge up and let out a blue beam of frost that damages in a straight line.

It deals frost damage and can be easily avoided by rolling to the side.

Claw Swipe

Valheim Moder Boss Guide Swipe
While on the ground, Moder can swipe with one of its claws to deal physical damage. Roll backwards to avoid it, or block it.


Valheim (Moder) - Bite attack 2.gif
While on the ground, Moder may rear her head back and bite to deal physical damage. It has a narrow hitbox, so roll sidewards or backwards to avoid it, or block it.

Moder Boss Strategy

Avoid the Frost Shards At All Costs!

Valheim (Moder) - Dodging Ice Shards.gif
Moder spams you with Frost Shards while flying in the air. These deal massive damage on impact, so always stay on your toes and be prepared to sprint out of harm's way!

You can use the trees, rocks, and even Moder's summoning altar as cover if necessary.

Destroy the Frost Shards

Moder Boss Guide Frost Shard Ground
The frost shards that crop up from Moder's flying ranged attack can be destroyed, so make sure to break them so they don't get in your way when you run around trying to evade Moder.

Use Bonemass or Eikthyr's Forsaken Power

Eikthyr's Sacrificial Stone Bonemass' Sacrificial Stone

Eikthyr's and Bonemass' Forsaken Powers are extremely useful against Moder!

Eikthyr's forsaken power reduces stamina usage of running and jumping by 60% for 5 minutes when activated. Consider using this power to easily dodge all of its attacks.

Bonemass' power, on the other hand, significantly reduces the damage taken from all physical damage types (Blunt, Pierce, and Slash) for 5 minutes when activated.

The mountain is filled with dangerous monsters that can join the fight at a moment's notice. Fortunately, most of them exclusively deal physical damage! This makes Bonemass' power an extremely useful boon to have in dire situations.

Moder's Rewards

Moder Drops

Item Qty. Drop Rate
Dragon Tear Icon Dragon Tear Level 1: 10 Level 1: 100%
Moder Trophy Icon Moder Trophy Level 1: 1 Level 1: 100%

Moder Forsaken Powers

After beating Moder, the Moder Trophy item should drop. Taking it to the Forsaken Altar and hanging the trophy will grant you access to Moder's Forsaken Power. Equipping it and activating it will make it so that you will always have tailwind when sailing while active. This is great to have as it can make sure you always have a tailwind and ensure that you are at top speed while active!

List of Forsaken Powers

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