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This is a guide to Bonemass' Forsaken Power in Valheim. Read more to find out about what this power does, how to unlock it, and when to use it!

How To Unlock Bonemass' Forsaken Power

Valheim Forsaken Power Bonemass
Defeat Bonemass and attach his head to the trophy hook in the summoning stone around your starting location.

Bonemass Boss Guide: How to Summon and Beat the Third Boss

Bonemass' Forsaken Power Effects

Resistance Against Physical Attacks

Bonemass' power gives you resistance versus blunt, slash and pierce, which are all physical attacks. This means that you'll take reduced damage from those damage types which are very common.

When to Use Bonemass' Forsaken Power

Farming For Drops

This is power explicitly for combat and it's a great combat skill against mobs as they mostly deal physical damage. Use this when you're farming for drops against hostile mobs.

Boss Fights

Since this power is mostly for combat, it's super useful for boss fights.
Valheim Moder Boss Guide Swipe
Most likely you'll be using this against Moder and her swipe and bite attacks, but it will also be useful against other bosses.

However, it's not useful against Yagluth as all of his attacks aren't physical but fire based.

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