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Oozer is one of the enemies found in the game Valheim. Learn where to find Oozer, spoils dropped by Oozer, as well as strategy for defeating Oozer and more.

Oozer (Blob Elite) General Info

Valheim Oozer.png
Behavior Hostile
Health 150
Damage 3 Poison per second for 20 Sec
Weakness ・Blunt
Resistance ・Pierce
Tameable? No
Enemy Spawn Code BlobElite
Notes Breaks into two Blobs when killed. Can inflict Poison.

Oozer (Blob Elite) Locations


Biome Boss
Swamp BiomeSwamp Boss: Bonemass
Treacherous biomes where even the terrain seems to stack the odds against you.


Dungeon How to Access
Valheim - Sunken CryptsSunken Crypts Requires a Swamp Key from The Elder.


This creature does not appear in any Raid.

Enemy Spawn

If you don't mind using cheats to find it, Oozer can also easily be spawned with the console command.

To spawn the enemy, first turn on cheat codes by typing imacheater in the F5 console, and use the spawn BlobElite command to spawn the enemy.

All Cheats and Spawnable Items

Oozer (Blob Elite) Drops

The Oozer creature can drop the following materials. Higher level enemies will typically drop higher quantities of each item.

Item Qty. Drop Rate
Ooze Icon Ooze Level 1: 2
Level 2: 4
Level 3: 8
Level 1: 100%
Level 2: 100%
Level 3: 100%
Scrap Iron Icon Scrap Iron Level 1: 1
Level 2: 2
Level 3: 4
Level 1: ~33%
Level 2: ~66%
Level 3: 100%

Oozer (Blob Elite) Battle Strategy

Bring Poison Resistance Mead

The Oozer has a large poison AOE attack, so if you plan to attack them with melee weapons, be sure to bring Poison Resistance Mead. This will greatly help you in killing the Oozer since its poison lasts for 20 seconds.

Shoot from Afar

Even though Oozers are weak to Blunt damage, shooting them with arrows from afar is still the safest way to kill them. Arrows are still an effective weapon against them despite them being resistant to pierce damage.

Blobs Spawn after Death

When you kill an Oozer, multiple Blobs will spawn after its death. The number of Blobs depend on how strong the Oozer is.

Oozer to Blob Spawn
0-Star Oozer 2 Blobs
1-Star Oozer 4 Blobs
2-Star Oozer 8 Blobs

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