Cult of the Wolf Release Date and Update Info

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A new update is available for Valheim! See the patch notes below.

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This article is about Cult of the Wolf, the second of four major updates for Valheim in 2021. If you want to know about what it includes as well as when it will be released, read on!

Cult of the Wolf Release Date

No Release Date Yet

Release Date TBD

As of writing, Iron Gate Studios has not announced any release date for their second update, Cult of the Wolf.

We will update this page as soon as new information is released because we are as excited as you are!

Cult of the Wolf Update Information

Will Probably Focus on the Mountain Biome

Focuses on Mountain Biome

Wolves are predominantly found in the Mountain biome and we are happy if the mountain biome is getting some much-needed love! This region is very barren compared to Swamps and Meadows so new animals and materials would be a welcome addition!

Combat Updates?

Combat Updates

Wolves are not just pets but combat companions too! This update may bring in more uses to wolves when tamed like materials tracking to improve on exploration!

Mountain Caves

If you look closely to the background the developers used in the roadmap, the Cult of the Wolves update might be about caves that are located in the Mountains Biome.

These can be similar to the Troll Caves where you get to fight a pack of wolves and maybe some Fenrings to get valuable loot at the end of the cave.

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